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Mr. Hurley Goes To Washington

Capitol Hill got a little surreal this week as YouTube CEO and founder Chad Hurley got yanked in font of the House telecommunications subcommittee to discuss the future of video.

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Google’s Love Affair with Wikipedia

Much has been said about Google algorithmic favoritism for Wikipedia. I was working on a project this weekend about celebrities, and wikipedia’s dominance in the SERP’s was nothing less than astounding.

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Irrelevant Mix07 Predictions

I’m hearing a ton of rumors of what’s coming to Mix07 next week in Las Vegas. I’ll be there Monday. Feel free to throw a piece of fruit as you head into the hall. I’ll be doing hallway cam out with Loren Heiny.

Anyway, here’s what we MIGHT see. How about you, what do you think Microsoft will show off?

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YouTube Looks to Go Mobile

YouTube announced its plans to branch out into the mobile marketplace at the OgivlyOne Digital Media Summit. But with no clear monetization strategy and pending copyright issues, the endeavor could be met with several snares and pitfalls along the way.

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