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Large Whale Beached in Nicaragua, Locals Help

A massive whale, thought to be a humpback, beached itself on the shores of Nicaragua’s southern coast Friday. Locals and tourists tried to intervene, and push it back out to sea, but were unsuccessful by the time the sun was setting. According to Mario Rodriguez, the Nicaraguan Environment Ministry’s delegate stationed in the region, the female whale, estimated to be …

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Humpback Whale Rescued In California

The Whale Entanglement Team of California recently came to the rescue of a young but large humpback whale that was in distress and caught in a crab net. Several people on a whale watching boat noticed that something wasn’t right with the whale and determined that it was in distress. They notified the rescue team and watched as the whale …

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Man Punched On Head By Humpback Whale [Video]

Dory, the famous blue palette surgeonfish, tried to speak the language of a humpback whale in the classic Disney movie, Finding Nemo, and everyone thought it was quite comical and cute at the time. Remember? However, one man appeared to try a similar task when faced with the underwater confrontation between the peaceful, yet massive ocean dweller. Chris Coates was …

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