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Google: You Don’t Have To Dumb Your Content Down ‘That Much’

Google’s Matt Cutts answers an interesting question in a new “Webmaster Help” video: “Should I write content that is easier to read or more scientific? Will I rank better if I write for 6th graders?” Do you think Google should give higher rankings to content that is as well-researched as possible, or content that is easier for the layman to …

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Google Hummingbird And Structured Data: Is There A Connection?

There has been a lot written about Google’s Hummingbird algorithm since it was announced. Unfortunately, very little of it comes in the form of reliable facts that really give anybody a solid understanding of what they can do to help their sties. Mostly, just a lot of speculation and theory. But to be fair, isn’t that how most of this …

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Can Users Trust Google’s Knowledge Graph Results?

Most of the time, Google’s Knowledge Graph is pretty good at what it does. It uses structured data to conveniently get searchers to the results for what they were actually referring to when they entered their query. This is particularly helpful in cases when names apply to multiple people or things. Sometimes, Google still has some trouble. Have you ever …

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Hummingbird Is Google’s Biggest Algorithm Change In 12 Years

Let’s get one thing straight right up front. Hummingbird is not a new algorithm update like Panda or Penguin. It’s a new algorithm. Panda and Penguin are parts of the bigger algorithm. Hummingbird is the actual bigger algorithm. Google has been around for fifteen years now, and Hummingbird is apparently the biggest thing they’ve done to the algorithm in twelve. …

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Google Hummingbird Algorithm Said To Be Biggest Overhaul Since Caffeine

Google made a bunch of search-related announcements today. Most of them were discussed in a blog post on the company’s Inside Search blog, but the one that most readers will probably be interested in more than anything was not mentioned there. At a press event at the old Google garage, Google revealed that it has implemented a new algorithm called …

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Google Launches New Knowledge Graph Tools, ‘Hummingbird’ Algorithm & More

Google announced some new features today in celebration of its fifteenth birthday. First off, Knowledge Graph has a new comparison feature and new filters. “We keep expanding features of the Knowledge Graph so it can answer more questions—even those that don’t have a simple answer,” says Google’s Amit Singhal. “Let’s say you want to get your daughter excited about a …

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