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Elephants are Acute Listeners of Human Voices

The 1967 Disney classic, The Jungle Book, provided the American populace (and unfortunately the Republican party) with one of our most favorite adages: “An elephant never forgets.” Despite championing this particular phrase multiple times throughout the movie, the writers also consistently mock the quotation, turning the elephants into cantankerous old fools. If only the writers knew how correct they were …

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Bots Now Outnumber Humans On The Web

The Internet is the greatest communication tool that mankind has ever invented. As of June 30, 2012, there were almost 2.5 billion humans connected to the Internet. That number has most assuredly risen significantly since then thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices in emerging markets, like China and India. Even then, it would appear that we’re still in the …

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Mobile Devices Will Overtake Human Population in 2012

It’s a good thing humans come with two hands because we’re gonna need’em if we’re expected to handle the bulk of cell phones and tablets that are going to be cramping up our planet in the near future. A new study from Cisco predicts that 2012 will be the year that mobile devices will surpass the world’s population of humans. …

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