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Researchers Bring Us Closer To The Cyborg Future With A Bionic Ear

Work on growing organs is progressing smoothly, but slowly, thanks to the help of 3D printers. That same technology has now enabled scientists to create entire external body parts, like ears. reports that researchers at Princeton University have created a 3D printed ear made out of biogel. The ear contains a small antenna that’s able to pick up radio …

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Human Cyborg Assaulted In Paris McDonald’s

“Human Cyborg Assaulted In Paris McDonald’s” is not a headline one expects to read, yet here it is, bold as brass and possibly as strange as anything I’ve ever covered, and I’ve been reporting on “bath salt zombies” for weeks now. Apparently, there is a professor at the University of Toronto named Steve Mann who is a self-proclaimed “human cyborg”; …

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