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Hulu Now The Third Most Popular Video Site
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U.S. Internet users watched 14.5 billion online videos in March, representing an increase of 11 percent over February, according to comScore.

Google sites once again ranked as the most popular video property with 5.9 billion videos viewed (40.9 percent online video market share), with YouTube accounting for more than 99 percent of all videos viewed at the property.

Hulu Taps Rescue Me Star Denis Leary for Kentucky Derby Ad
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Hulu saw a nice jump in viewers after it ran its first television ad during the Super Bowl. That featured Alec Baldwin star of the show 30 Rock, which is available on Hulu.

Disney and Hulu Officially Get it Done
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Rumors have been swirling for about a month or so, but today the news is official. Disney and Hulu have entered a partnership that will see Disney content appearing on the increasingly popular online video site.

Hulu CEO Talks Advertising and the Hulu Formula

Jason Kilar, CEO of Hulu delivered a keynote speech at ad:tech San Francisco. In the speech he discussed the state of advertising and of course his site Hulu, which has taken the online video world by storm.

Coverage of the ad:tech San Francisco conference continues at WebProNews Videos. Stay with WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week.

Can YouTube Monetize the Hulu Way?
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Market research firm eMarketer has some interesting numbers looking at possible YouTube revenue. The firm pulls from a variety of sources to get a feel for just how the popular Google-owned video site is doing.

For starters, they refer to YouTube as the fifth most popular US web brand according to Nielsen, though March saw the site drop slightly to number 6.

Hitwise Names Top Hulu Search Terms
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YouTube, which of course receives far more traffic than Hulu, is doing just about everything in its power to ensure things stay that way.  Unfortunately for YouTube, stats from Hitwise seem to indicate that its new partnerships with CBS, Lionsgate, MGM, and Starz may not provide a lot of help. 

YouTube Finally Goes to the Next Level
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YouTube has finally announced after months of talks about deals with major media companies that they are now offering new sections on the site dedicated specifically to movies and television shows.

Partners include Crackle, CBS, MGM, Lionsgate, Starz and many others, which contribute thousands of television show episodes and hundreds of films. They also bring the social element of YouTube along with them because users can still comment, favorite, and share the videos.

YouTube Still Dominating the Online Video Picture
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Nielsen Online has released online VideoCensus data for the month of March. YouTube not surprisingly, is still on top in both total streams and unique viewers.

The ranking of brands by total number of video streams goes like this:

1. YouTube (5,479,609)
2. Hulu (348,520)
3. Yahoo! (231,795)
4. Fox Interactive Media (207,528)
5. Nickelodeon Kids and Family Network (196,160)
6. ABC.com (176,931)
7. MSN/Windows Live (168,907)

YouTube is Going Through Changes
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There are some big changes happening with YouTube. You’ve probably read recently that YouTube has teamed up with Universal on a site called Vevo that is supposedly going to be the Hulu of music videos.

Hulu Improves Search Feature
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Hulu announced some improvements to its search functionality today. For one, they have added some shortcuts to the autocomplete feature.

Previously, the autocomplete suggestions would just take a user to the regular search results, but now, the shortcuts offer other options like going straight to the latest episode (for current shows), or the show page (for all shows).

YouTube to Get More Hulu-ish?
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Last week, YouTube made some changes to its home page, by altering the names of some video sections. YouTube Product Marketing Manager Curtis Lee said there were more changes coming soon, but did not elaborate on this.

Report: YouTube Attempting To Hijack Hulu-Disney Deal
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Late last week, we reported that the Walt Disney Company and Hulu were close to reaching a content-sharing arrangement.  It now looks like a little bit of a bidding war is occurring, though, as YouTube’s supposedly working on a Disney deal of its own. 

Rumor Pairs Hulu, Disney In New Partnership
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Hulu may be about to get huge.  A new rumor has the video-sharing site in negotiations with the Walt Disney Company, and if all goes well, it’s reasonable to expect that Hulu would gain access to content from popular average-viewer brands in addition to some kid-friendly stuff. 

Personnel Moves Foreshadow Future For Hulu, Twitter

It looks like Hulu and Twitter are growing up.  The first company has made a hire that signals a stronger-than-ever desire on its part to expand overseas, while the second has advertised openings for three different types of product managers.

Hulu Throws Doors Open To Documentaries

Documentaries don’t, on the whole, have a great reputation; they’re often seen as being dull and serving niche audiences.  But Hulu’s rounded up some amazing-sounding films to celebrate the launch of a new documentaries section within the site. 

Hulu Getting Stingy with Sharing Content
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Update 4: The Hulu/Boxee saga continues. Since the last update, Boxee has started a Twitter account dedicated to letting users know the status of Hulu on Boxee:

Is Hulu on Boxee - Twitter Account

Hulu Follows Proverbial Suit, Creates Social Network

hulu logoNielsen Online’s VideoCensus indicates that in February, 17-month-old Hulu grew to become the second most popular video site (after the behemoth YouTube)—so, Hulu, what are you going to do now?

Hulu Encourages Users To Be Social

Hulu’s got a lot working in its favor: good content, high-quality clips, and the whole it’s-actually-legal thing.  Now, both users and advertisers should be happy to hear that the video site is gaining a social component, too. 

Dailymotion Gets Hulu Content
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Video site Dailymotion is now streaming content from Hulu as the result of a partnership between the two entities. This comes shortly after Hulu ordered TV.com and Boxee to stop using its content.

Super Bowl Gives Hulu Big Brand Awareness Boost

Hulu is making quite the name for itself. Super Bowl ads will do that. According to Brandon Eshman with Nielsen online, from November 1 to February 1, 2009, Hulu averaged about 300 mentions per day in the online community. 

News Corp Bleeding Revenue Going Into 2009

Newspapers and traditional media are bleeding profits and jobs. It’s one of the hardest hit sectors, so it’s not as if they couldn’t see this coming. But News Corp’s CEO Rupert Murdoch says it’s even worse than he thought. The company just announced they are writing off $8.4 billion of losses.