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Ebooks — Self-Publishing Your Way to Internet Success Part 3 Ebook Formats (html)

In part 2 of this series, we focused on ebooks formatted in PDF. We will now continue with HTML compiled ebooks.

Hypertext Markup Language Format (HTML)

Ebooks — Self-Publishing Your Way to Internet Success Part 5 Ebook Design (HTML)

When designing an HTML compiled ebook, you must create an HTML document (web page) for each page within your ebook. These pages should include all of the following:

Score with Cascading Style Sheets!

CSS is an exciting feature of HTML that gives Web-site developers more control over how they want their pages displayed by specifying how each element should appear in a style sheet. Prior to the advent of CSS, the layouts of HTML documents were left up to the browsers, whilst HTML tags merely served to define a document’s contents.

Dynamically Update Your Ebooks with JavaScript

Ebooks are considered to be the “perfect” online marketing tool. Not only do they provide your visitors with something of value, but they also enable you to promote your products and services. With just one quality ebook development, you can produce an on going promotional tool that will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week for years to come. Your ebook can literally be viewed by millions simply by giving it away and allowing it to be freely distributed.

Microsoft courts developers for its cellphone system

Despite the wireless industry’s tepid reception to Microsoft’s operating systems for cellphones, the company forged ahead yesterday, releasing several tools to help developers make software compatible with its two mobile-phone operating systems, Smartphone and Pocket PC.

How to tell if someone opens your email newsletter

There is no real way to know exactly how many times your newsletters are read. There is a neat little ‘trick’ you can use with HTML based newsletters and email so that you can know at least how many times it has been viewed. Compare the number of views the number of copies sent out and you will have a reasonably good idea of how well read your newsletter is. With HTML newsletters and email messages it is possible to tell if the message has been opened.

11 Ways to Celebrate National Women’s History Month

It’s National Women’s History Month and this year’s theme is “Women Pioneering the Future”. Here are some ways to join the celebration:

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Active Server Pages
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The objective of this tutorial is to introduce Active Server Pages (ASP) to individuals who are responsible for developing, building, managing or maintaining a Web site. We will define ASP, differentiate between ASP and conventional HTML, demonstrate how to create and convert Web application pages to ASP, and demonstrate how to use ASP for further Web applications. This will involve using JavaScript or Visual Basic Script (VBScript) to write applications that can be run on an ASP Web server.

Web-site designing Pillars (part1)

It is a hot opinion that “it’s the words that sell, not a design” and that “you should invest all your money into writing a good sales copy and what is left (if anything) into web-site”. I can give you 99 out of 100 that authors of these claims are copywriters, web-designers usually don’t write articles. It is like asking football player what game he enjoys more: football or hockey? :0)

The Only HTML Writers Need to Know

You’re a writer, not a webmaster. But if you are writing for publication on a Web site, your editor may ask you to provide the basic HTML formatting for your work. Don’t panic.

HTML Issues for SEO’s: Web Accessibility . . . Making your Pages Friendly to People with Disabilities, Part 1

Did you know that nearly 20 percent of all Web users have some form of disability?

Advantages for Using FrontPage . . . maybe this HTML editor has some hidden advantages, Part 2

* Another benefit to using FrontPage is being able to create virtual directories with ease. As you know, when you specify a home directory, all of the subdirectories beneath than home directory automatically become subdirectories of the Web site as well. However, you can also designate a folder located elsewhere on the system as a subdirectory of the site by creating a virtual directory out of it. A virtual directory is a directory or folder on a server that is not in the actual server directory structure.

Formatting your Email Newsletters

Pop-quiz hotshot!

You’ve got to send an HTML email to a list of clients and have it display correctly across a spectrum of email clients which include Outlook, web-based, frame-based.

It has to be Netscape compatible, Eudora-friendly, Lotus Notes accessible…

What do you do?

So, you want to send HTML email to your clients, prospects or newsletter subscribers. Marketing has descended from upon high and declared it, the small business client wants it, and an executive in management has read something about it.

Well, why not? The clickthrough rates are noticeably higher on HTML email. Analytics show that customers are less likely to unsubscribe from HTML email than their text counterparts. In my last TemplateKit email newsletter (50,000+ recipients, http://www.templatekit.com/email/TK20.htm) I had 12 unsubscribes, 9 of which were text recipients. Customers simply respond with more click-throughs, more sales, more inquiries for information, but only if your message is in a form that the recipient can easily view and display correctly.

Comments in HTML: Who Needs ‘Em!

The other day, I was fixing a client’s HTML web page that was failing to display some essential elements, like header tables, in Netscape 6.2. After a quick inspection, the problem popped right out of the page: they were using invalid comments to document the HTML script.

Showing and Hiding HTML elements using Layers

A long time back I visited a site that had a very fancy, animated navigation bar. Now, as a professional web developer, I’m not in favor of DHTML-supported, fancy navigation bars, but it was very fascinating. What they had done was, whenever you hovered your cursor over a link, a big, comics-type dialog balloon appeared to give further details of that link. I wondred how they did it, but then it slipped out of my mind.

Steps To Optimizing Your HTML Codes

Your key to success in online marketing and promotion is your web site. >From your title, keywords, meta tags, and text, to your over all site design, each plays a very important role when optimizing your site. If your site doesn’t rank in the top 10 or 20 when doing a keyword search at the top search engines, your target audience won’t be able to find you.

Creating Your First HTML Ezine

The Basics

There are two different forms of HTML ezines. HTML = HyperText Mark-up Language – basically it’s the language of the World Wide Web. It’s there, even if you don’t know it’s there. The end result of this “code” is a web page you view through your email program.

Analyzing Web Site Traffic

Who is visiting your Web site? What browsers do they use? Where do they go in the site? What pages do they look at? Your Web server log files contain the answers to these questions and more. Once you start using your server log information, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

New Headaches with IE 6

Of all the changes to IE 6, perhaps the most important for Webmasters is the addition of dual CSS rendering engines. While this new feature helps Internet Explorer comply with the W3C HTML standards, it may also break your existing Web pages.

S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g Your HTML

There are three main reasons why you would want to have a flexible HTML layout. First; if you need your layout to adjust dynamically to the size of your browser window. Second; if you need to have a “box” which adjusts to fit around dynamic content. Third; to prevent user specific font settings from breaking your carefully planned layout. This short beginners tutorial will show you an easy way to do this.