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SEO Corner – Keyword repetition in HTML tags
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Reader Question: We have a client that has begun using an SEO service that uses multiple . Your opinion please?

Which email format is more effective to use, Text or HTML?

A good question, many experts have been debating over for awhile now, is which email format is more effective. It all depends on who you ask, many people prefer the text format over the HTML format. There are also many people who would rather use HTML over the text format. You can pretty much draw a line right down the middle between the text users and the HTML users, it’s that close.

Flexible CGI output with HTML templates

Consider our free search engine script. It is an excellent application, but it wouldn’t be very helpful for others if it could display its results only in the output page format that we use for our site. Somebody else’s site will probably need the output page to contain site-specific navigation links, different colors, or even a completely different layout concept.

HTML Issues for SEO’s: Web Accessibility

. . . Making your Pages Friendly to People with Disabilities

Send Eye-Catching HTML Web Pages by Email

A few years ago, email programs didn’t support HTML (the standard for formatting text on the Internet, and the most widely used medium to create web pages). If you wanted to send an email message, you were limited to plain text and only one font type. Nowadays, however HTML support among email programs is almost universal: AOL versions 6 and higher, Internet Explorer versions 4 and higher, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Eudora, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail all support HTML.

Files, Files, Files

What are all those strange files you find on the Internet?

Building Your First Web Site

Having your own domain name and your own web site can do a lot for your business. It gives you a definite web presence and makes your business more credible.

HTML Tag Order and Search Engine Positioning
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Question: First I see assorted versions in both caps and small letters in the HEAD , TITLE, META NAME for KEYWORDS and DESCRIPTION etc. When I check out the source code of various sites with good listings I don’t see a consistent set version. Even the “html” or “HTML” at the top varies on different sites. Even the experts seem to disagree. What works best in your opinion? Some site’s code starts with the Title then Description followed by the Keywords while others start with the Title followed by the Keywords and then the Description or other variations. What do you think is the best layout for SEO?

Make Your Own E-Book Using Free HTML Templates

Two steps to create your own E-Book.

The Great Debate: Text vs. HTML Email Messages
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Some newsletter publishers swear that HTML messages are the only way to go. Others swear by the virtues of simple text. Although newsletters were “traditionally” published as text only, HTML newsletters are on the rise — and it helps, too, that most email software these days is capable of displaying HTML messages.

Using Color in HTML Newsletter Design

Looking over the newsletters below, you may wonder if this is one of those personality tests based on your color preferences. And in some ways, it is.

HTML Form Tutorial, Part II

The first of this 2-part series showed you how to use the <form> tag and the many uses of the <input> tag, including hidden fields. This second part completes the tutorial with multi-line text input areas, selection lists, and a complete form using all the examples and a script to process the form’s information.

HTML Form Tutorial, Part I

HTML forms are a means of collecting information. People fill in a form and/or select something. Then they click a button. Forms don’t actually process information.

How To Send Email With Perl, Part III

Part I contained an introduction and a working Perl script for sending email. Part II showed how to send either plain text or HTML email. This Part III will demonstrate how to send both plain text and HTML formats into one email.

How To Send Email With Perl, Part II

Part I contained an introduction and a working Perl script for sending email. Part II assumes you understand the basic concepts presented in Part I.

25 Quick Thoughts On Site Design

Quick Site Reviews Of Gaslamp.org by the WebProNews peers.

Here are the rest of the reviews — snippets, quick thoughts, gems of site design. Scroll through them and see if anything they say catches your eye. It might be time for you to redesign your site.

Extending ColdFusion Studio

We all know and dearly love ColdFusion Studio (and its little brother HomeSite). We all have favorite features, we all have our own little tips, tricks, and settings, and we all find ways to make it work as suits as best.

What Makes Email Professional?

I asked DevWebPro readers what they expected from professional email, and the responses poured in. Find out what people who are receiving your email expect to see. Read on for views on HTML mail, Outlook, a few criticisms of DevWebPro, plus grammar gripes and misspelling misery.

Dave Pawson Answers XSLT, XPATH, XSL-XO, and HTML Accessibility Questions

If you’re having trouble converting data to and from XML format, or if your site has accessibility issues, Dave Pawson is the fellow to ask. He’ll answer your questions, or find someone who can.

Don’t Let Your HTML Email Newsletter Break!

Want to increase your newsletter subscribe rates, build your brand, and increase your orders? Then it’s time to consider publishing an HTML version of your newsletter. Afraid of HTML errors? Here are six steps to cleaner newsletters, fewer errors, and a great HTML experience for you and your readers.

How to Create a “Link-To-Us” Page

Most webmasters are very aware of the value of having quality links from well regarded, high traffic web sites pointing to their own site. Professional webmasters will always provide linking graphics, instructions and sample text to those webmasters willing to link to them.