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No HTML? Need a Website? No Problem

So you have this great idea for a website and you’re all excited about getting your “feet wet” as an online entrepreneur, but there’s one problem: You have no idea how to create a site. (“HTML? What’s that?”)

How To Create A Useful, Popular Website
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In this free email course, I’ll tell you everything I know about setting up your website and placing it highly in the search engines.

Deciding When to Use the DataGrid, DataList or Repeater Part 1

Web development has come a long way since simple script-based Web programming technologies like Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP). With Microsoft ASP.NET, a lot of the tedious, repetitious coding chores that were commonplace with classic ASP are now a thing of the past. For example, as all one-time classic ASP developers know, displaying data in a classic ASP Web page required the following pseudocode:

HTACCESS Wrappers with PHP
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HTACCESS is a remarkable tool you can use for password protection, error handling (like custom 404 pages), or HTTP redirects. It can also be used to transform whole folders in seconds: adding headers to all your HTML documents, watermarking all your images, and more.

Validating Email Addresses – Strategies and Code

First it’s a day, then a week, and all of a sudden two weeks has gone by and I realize that I haven’t sent out a newsletter! A feeling of shame and self-loathing takes over … forced to my desk, the writing begins. :)

Deciding When to Use the DataGrid, DataList or Repeater Part 2
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Analyzing the DataList

Recall that the DataGrid renders as an HTML <table> , which each DataSource record as a table row (<tr>) and each record field as a table column (<td>). At times you might want more control over the presentation of data. For example, you might want to have the data displayed in an HTML <table>, but rather than have one record per row, you might want to display five records per row. Alternatively, you might not want to have the data displayed in a <table> tag at all, but rather have each element displayed in a <span> tag.

HTML Forms Validation on the Client Side

Form validation on the client-side is essential – it saves time and bandwidth; you also have better control to show the user the wrong field. This comparison of different validation methods includes comments for improving portability and maintainability.

HTML Client for Web Services using DHTML Behavior

In this example we will access a Web Service created in C# from an HTML client. The client does not use .Net Framework directly and instead accesses the Web Service functionality using the DHTML behavior.

Injecting Client-Side Script from an ASP.NET Server Control
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While, technically, all of a Microsoft ASP.NET server control’s functionality can be performed on the server-side, often the usability of a server control can be greatly enhanced by adding client-side script. For example, the ASP.NET validation Web controls perform all validation checks on the server-side. However, for uplevel browsers, the validation Web controls also emit client-side script so that validation can be performed on the client-side as well. This means that users of those browsers get a more responsive, dynamic experience.

How to Easily Create a Search-Engine Friendly Navigation Menu For Your Website

A navigation menu is an important element of a website. A good navigation menu helps your visitors navigate through your website efficiently – in as few mouse-clicks as possible.

The Lowdown: How To Create And Send HTML Email

I am frequently asked how to create and send HTML email, usually with regard to how to broadcast it to a mailing list. This article presents the various options available to you.

iHotelier: Demonstrating the Potential of Flash for Web App Design

In terms of delivering content to all different types of platforms, developers have seen some real advantages with HTML. Before HTML, they faced major challenges creating applications when users had a variety of hardware, operating systems, and software platforms. We’ve gotten very used to the comforts of browser independence.

Managing Remote Files with ColdFusion

At the request of a fellow EasyCFM Forum user, we’re going to discuss how to use ColdFusion to manage remote files on the server. While the original request was only for .txt files specifically, we’re going to look at handling .txt, .cfm, .cfml, .htm, and .html. This can actually come in handy if you need to do a quick edit on a page on your Web site, but have no access to FTP clients…only a Web browser.In order for the code shown in this tutorial to work, all files to be edited must reside on the Web server, in the web root directory, in a directory called myfiles’. The tutorial will assume the following path:

CSS Template Layout – part 1 of 3

Having been asked by several readers, I have decided to create this easy to understand tutorial on creating web pages with CSS. I will not be able to expose to you everything there is about CSS in this tutorial, but I will be able to give you enough to create a nice looking page. After completing this tutorial you should have enough to explore CSS and web page design even further.

“404 Not Found”:Don’t Let This Be YOU

You’re all fired up and ready to go. Enthusiasm bubbles over – you’re eager to start your online business and want to get going as fast as you can.

How to develop JavaServer Pages

The Email List application

This topic introduces you to a simple web application that consists of one HTML page and one JavaServer Page, or JSP. Once you get the general idea of how this application works, you’ll be ready to learn the specific skills that you need for developing JSPs.

OS Fingerprinting with ICMP

Operating System (OS) fingerprinting is the process of learning what operating system is running on a device. This can be used by the curious network administrator when they see a new device on the network. Most likely, however, OS fingerprinting is done by an unwarranted party on your network. Just as a bank robber may examine the outside of a bank and watch the comings and goings of employees before robbing the bank, a hacker typically may perform a reconnaissance process on your network prior to launching an attack.

Using the XML Data Source Object
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The XML Data Source Object (DSO) is a Microsoft ActiveX control built into Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+. Using this object, it is possible to extract content from an external XML file or XML data embedded in the HTML file into a HTML page. In this article, I’ll explain how to include the XML DSO, extract content from an external XML file, extract XML data from XML data embedded in the webpage and manipulation using JavaScript.

Making Bar Graphs in HTML

The visual presentation of information is often far more effective than simply stating the facts. Want to show how much your customer base has grown? Looking to compare apples to oranges? Have a frequency distribution of any sort to display? Perhaps a bar graph will do the trick.

How to Create and Send HTML Email
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Until recently text-based email was the most popular way to communicate, however with the advent of html email you can now create and send beautiful graphics, create clickable links and use interactive forms.

The Wrong Email Format Can Destroy Your Offer

Which email format is more effective to use, Text or HTML?

A good question, many experts have been debating over for awhile now, is which email format is more effective. It all depends on who you ask, many people prefer the text format over the HTML format. There are also many people who would rather use HTML over the text format. You can pretty much draw a line right down the middle between the text users and the HTML users, it’s that close.