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Email Marketing – HTML Vs. Plain Text
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After you have set up your opt in list and started collecting leads you need to decide whether to use HTML or plain text for your follow up and broadcast messages.

ASP.NET: A simple factory using Generics
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For about a week ago one of my readers asked me to simplify a piece of his code.

Localized Websites and the html Tag

For a website that supports multiple languages, it is important to tell the client what the selected language is.

ASP.NET: Remove HTML Comments at Runtime
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I’ve been playing a bit with regular expressions lately and have to find some useful tasks in order to practice the skill.

ASP.NET: Remove HTML Tags From a String
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A lot of websites allow users to input text and submit it to the site.

Convert HTML Tags to Lower-case for XHTML Compliance
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The XHTML definition demands all tags to be lower-cased.

Using the API for the W3C HTML Validator
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The W3C has introduced an API for their HTML Validator.

Set HTML Header Items Programmatically in ASP.NET 2.0
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Among the differences between version 1.1 and 2.0 of .NET Framework is the many new controls.

Why You Should Care About Web Standards

You may have heard a lot lately about “Web standards.” I think it’s a good thing that web standards are getting more attention.

Elements To Improve Web Site Navigation

As you browse the Web, you will find sites that implement just about every type of navigation scheme you can think of and then even some more!

Cities Database Free Edition

Another POI database is on the market in the GeoDataSource Cities Database product. The company has several flavors that run as much as $1,000+. A free product is available to those who register.

Convert RSS Feeds to Dynamic HTML Web Pages

Many webmasters have realized the benefit of using RSS to dynamically update websites. This means that the website content automatically changes when the RSS feed is updated.

How to Use NDoc to Generate XML Documentation in .NET

Documentation of your system is one of the important tasks that has to be done for any software system or product. Without that it is not an easy to track the code and the features that are incorporated in the system.

Microsoft Word Generates Clean HTML for Blogs?

Awesome. One Microsoft team heard my pleas for clean XHTML. By the way, the new Word 2007 has the ability to post to blogs built in. Joe Friend has been writing about it.

Using RSS Feeds to Provide Content for Your Website

Search engines love websites that are continuously updated with fresh content. As a website owner, if you want to achieve or maintain a good search engine ranking, then your goal should be to continually provide updated keyword-based content on a regular basis to your website.

Using PHP for Website Navigation, Explained
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PHP can be very useful in your webiste design, I use PHP for my websites difficult functions such as forums, blogs, chat, user forms, and shopping cart interface.

Assertivenet is Gigablast Spider (Gigabot)

The purpose of this article is to provide evidence and information to counteract the suggestion that Assertivenet is potentially used for malicious purposes.

PHP, SEO, And Spiders – Oh My!
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Dynamic database-driven sites have become very popular, and relatively easy to set up and administer, through the use of Content Management Systems (CMS) and PHP server-side scripting.

Taking HTML Further with Javascript

Once you’ve built your HTML pages, you might need them to do something a little more interactive on the client-side (that is, in the visitor’s web browser).

MoWH.com Launches HTML Tags for $100

Mosaics of Web History (MoWH), located at http://www.mowh.com, officially opened for business today.

Why Does Valid Code Matter?

Learning to use valid html code is one of those website building techniques you decide to use. It is a big step requiring the use of validators, doctype declarations and often lots of extra work.