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“Facebook Phone” HTC First Won’t Be Sold In The UK [Rumor]

When Facebook revealed Home for Android, it also revealed a new phone called the HTC First to go along with it. The phone apparently didn’t do so well in the American market leading to rumors of its demise. Now it looks like the phone won’t even get a chance across the pond. Mobile News reports that pre-orders for the HTC …

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‘Facebook Phone’ HTC First Getting the Ax from AT&T [RUMOR] [UPDATED]

It looks like the HTC First, the first true “Facebook Phone,” is about to be killed before it really gets a chance to live. According to a report from BGR, the first phone to come pre-installed with Facebook’s Android takeover Facebook Home will be discontinued by AT&T. BGR cites a “trusted source” who says that sales of the HTC First …

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HTC First, the ‘Facebook Phone,’ Launches April 12th for $99

Today, at their big Android event, Facebook unveiled Home, the company’s new foray into Android. Rather than building a new Facebook OS of sorts, Home is a family of apps that takes over your Android device and turns it into a Facebook phone. With Home, your homescreen becomes one big, photo-oriented Facebook news feed. So, in reality, any Android phone …

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