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Martha Stewart Begins House Arrest

Martha Stewart has finished her 5 months in jail and is now beginning house arrest at her home in New York.

Outed By The Bloggers

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central is a great example of stand-up comedy on the web at its very best.

Searching for Search News

There was lots of search engine news this week. There’s news about Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and much more.

A fireFOX in the Google Hen House

Google’s hiring of the lead Firefox engineer has started the rumor mill rolling. Is this a prelude to the purchase of Firefox … First here is what Ben said in announcing his new gig:

Blogging: This Is My House – Let’s Build A City

Have you ever thought about your blog as your house … And your contacts with other bloggers resembling “life between buildings” …

New Version of Google Groups Launched

Shannon Bauman, Associate Product Manager of Google Groups announced the launch of a new and improved Google Groups.

China Wireless Signs Contract with Publishing House

China Wireless Communications,Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed a system integration service contract with its existing customer, China Encyclopedia Publishing House.

Choosing the Right Design or Media House to Promote your Company

When you begin your search for the right design or media house, start out by knowing what you want and like. If you visit the web site of a design firm and all of their projects look the same plus it’s a look you don’t like, chances are they’re not a good match for you! Even if you like their look, do you really want a web site or Ad that is less memorable and doesn’t stand out because it looks exactly like any number of others?

Preparing Your Open House For A “Safe” Real Estate Sale

Whether selling through an agent or FSBO (for sale by owner), open houses need careful planning.

Crawford House Collectibles – Make It Exciting!

My first impression of the Crawford House Collectibles website was of a boring homepage. If I were in the market to buy collectibles, I would probably back out of the site and look elsewhere.

Crawford House Collectibles – Choose Link Color Carefully

Overall, the site design is unpleasant to the eyes. The background is nice, and not too distracting, but is quickly overshadowed by the use of red and blue on top of it. This is a bad choice of color schemes. Look away from the site, and then look back, and see how long it takes your eyes to focus on the red print. Blue is historically a link color, and can be a distraction when used in the manner that this site uses it. I pick on reds and blues, because my company uses that color scheme, and wanted the intranet to be like this too, so I had a heck of a time making it work together. (See screenshot of my corporate intranet’s self help section which is all data driven using an SQL backend, your comments back are always welcome. You will notice the manner by which white space is used to separate the reds and blues).

Crawford House Collectibles – Is It In Stock?

Ouch. Where do I start…

1. Home page – ugly. The “Control Panel” uses a “techie” style that is so out of keeping with the product line its almost funny (but it ain’t!). Meanwhile the text is strictly html 101. The mottled background is both distracting and unappealing. A total disaster. No images. No specials. Nothing that would make me want to go another click further.

Crawford House Collectibles – Make It Memorable

Here are a few tips to make the site in question less forgettable :

Crawford House Collectibles – Sample Redesigns

I have included two of my own redesigns of Crawford House Collectibles in my review.
http://jetstream-technologies.com/crawford.html and http://jetstream-technologies.com/crawtest.html

Crawford House Collectibles – More Information, Please

My name is Randy Justason and I have been involved in the online marketing business for only a short while, therefore you may view the following review in light of that.

Crawford House Collectibles – Design Problems

When Crawford House Collectibles noted they needed some help in developing their web site they were being very honest with the rest of us. There is nothing on this web site that would entice me to go beyond the Home Page.

Crawford House Collectibles – Remember Your Customer

For me, the key to revising this site is to look at each element and say: does it help or hinder the customer?

Crawford House Collectibles – Short Comments

Some readers don’t send in a lengthy review, but all comments are worth a mention! Here are a few of the short ones.

Crawford House Collectibles Review – Appearance is Important

There are 2 main kinds of websites. One is a sales site and the other is an information site. The key to selling products online is knowing that a good portion of your visitors are not coming to buy stuff but rather coming to get information. So by providing them information for free and linking it with your products, you will probably see a better bottom line.

Crawford House Collectibles Peer Review – Getting Organized

In the article written by Jackie, a call for a review was made. I make the below comments in the interests of helping out, and I am purposely critical. Not in the hopes that it will anger or frustrate you, but in the hopes that the criticism will help you to better your companies website.

Crawford House Collectibles – Too Much Clicking

Have to click to many time to get where you want to be. One click should get you right to the substance.