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White House Wants Harder Line On Piracy

The Attorney General told a Chamber of Commerce conference the government needs more laws to better protect intellectual property creators.

Google House Ads, cont’d

A clarification on my previous post about house ads run by Google on publisher websites, as part of the AdSense creative.

Google Increases House Ads On Adsense Sites

In the past, advertisers have worried that Google “house” ads compete for space with those who are advertising on SERP’s for fairly granular search queries, such as “flight tracker.” …

Google Versus Microsoft: In House Debate

One of the biggest debates in this business right now is comparisons between Google and Microsoft. Bill Gates was recently quoted as saying Google is “more like us than anyone else we have ever competed with.”

Power House Linked to Power Houses

Search engine marketing gurus Eric Ward and Debra Mastaler put together a two-day link building seminar for October in Charlotte. Their PowerHouse Seminar is designed to help folks get the most out of link building and in the process take websites up to another level.

Article Marketing Fox in the Competitor Hen House – Or Chicken Little?

I recently was asked by an author to remove a free content article from a client web site where we had posted it (with several others from different authors) to increase topical relevancy at a site that fit the article perfectly.

NASA Budget Blasts Through House

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a crucial portion of President Bush’s legacy with the endorsement of the budget for NASA in a solid 383-15 vote. It’s nice to see one American dream kept alive.

Former WorldCom CEO Gets 25 Years in the Big House

Two days ago, former WorldCom Chief Executive Officer Bernard Ebbers was denied a request for a new trial. Yesterday, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Ringos House A Ringer: Not To Be Demolished

The birthplace of Beatle Ringo Starr survives the axe for now even though the Madryn Street, Dingle, Liverpool house remains one of 460 slated for removal by the city council.

House Opposes CNOOC Bid For Unocal

Two measures passed the House on Thursday, aimed at keeping Unocal out of the Chinese energy company’s hands.

White House Adopts Security Changes

John Negroponte just got a lot more power. The White House announced today that the director of national intelligence will be given clear authority over the national security operations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Central Intelligence Agency.

House Sets Showdown Over Patriot Act

As the White House threatens a veto, the House of Representatives voted against provisions of the Act.

House of Reps Tears a Page Out of Patriot Act

The US House of Representatives says it’s not okay to spy on somebody’s reading habits by knocking down the renewal of one provision of the USA Patriot Act 238-187.

White House At Odds With Senate Over China

Lawmakers have become increasingly unhappy with the Bush administration’s apparent lack of effort on the currency issue.

House of Representatives Bans Spyware

Two bills pass the House with overwhelming majorities, and will severely penalize spyware makers.

BMG and Columbia House Unite

Bertelsmann’s BMG Direct is buying the Columbia House Company from the Blackstone Group.

What Constitutes Search Engine Relevancy?

Relevancy. It’s something that drives the search engine industry in almost every aspect. From providing quality search results to contextual advertising, relevancy is crucial to any search engine’s success. The question is how do you define relevancy? More importantly, how do search engines define relevancy?

Will Paris’ Podcast Have Character?

I’ve heard this already described as a ‘character blog': Podcasting is hot. But it just got hotter. Paris Hilton invites you to join her on “The Paris Hilton Podcast — Countdown to House of Wax,” beginning on April 29.

RealNetworks Lets Rhapsody Out Of The House

Updated digital music subscription service now lets you take music with you, similar to the Napster To Go program.

PR Face2Face: Al Golin, Chairman, GolinHarris

PR Face2Face is a special series of interviews with the top public relations and publicity professionals in the country, as well as with people involved in the public relations world. The eigth installment is Al Golin, Chairman of GolinHarris.

White House Credentials First Blogger

Michelle Malkin: Garrett Graff – contributing editor for Washington media blog FishBowlDC – will make history as …