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Yahoo Runs For The White House

The creation of the Presidential Election 2008 "über site" at Yahoo represents the portal’s desire to be the ‘town hall for voters across America.’

Publishers Scoff At Online Book Search

In one of its most ambitious projects ever, Google has set a goal to digitize all book content that is public domain, and also snippets from other copyrighted words in order to provide users with the most comprehensive book search function ever conceived.

Several prominent libraries have already signed up to be a part of the Google Book Project, but the online search giant’s ambitions have some publishers turning up their nose in disapproval.

Opening The Door To Online House Hunting

When it comes to looking for a new place to live more people are turning to online resources to find what they are looking for. In August, 2006 51 percent of all Internet users had taken a virtual tour of real estate property according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Google Sued By French Film House

Flach Film, a Paris-based film distributor, has filed suit against Google in Paris Commercial court, citing copyright infringement regarding a movie that appeared on Google Video.

A sneak peek into Engadgets crib

I filmed a fun segment for the ScobleShow (won’t be up until at least October 11th cause of a “frieNDA” ; ) with Ryan Block at his house last night. He’s been writing for Engadget for, it seems, ever.

Google Adds A Garage

At 1,880 square feet, the house at 232 Santa Marguerita Avenue in Menlo Park, California could fit neatly inside the Googleplex, but once upon a time all of Google occupied that home’s garage.

Verizon Replaces Fed Fee With House Money

Now that the Universal Service Fund has drawn to a close, Verizon Communications will impose a fee on new and existing digital subscriber line (DSL) customers.

Reuters Throws Rocks In A Glass House

After Kenneth Lay’s death, Reuters put out an article mocking Wikipedia’s inaccurate coverage of the event. And, I have to admit, it was rather funny, if you like that sort of black humor. But now, in an ironic turn of events, Reuters had to issue a correction on its own story.

House Turns Deaf Ear To Net Neutrality
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Despite the flurry of phone calls, emails, videos and pleas from a wide base of passionate pro-Net Neutrality constituents, representing hundreds of thousands of people from all political persuasions and hundreds of consumer groups, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives crushed an amendment to safeguard an equal opportunity Internet.

When to Outsource SEO and When to Keep it in House
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SEO is big business these days. All too often, there is little supply to meet the current demand. With increases in the costs associated with other forms of web marketing, it has become almost a necessity for businesses to incorporate SEO in to their marketing plan.

Tony Snow and Jonathan Schwartz

Drama! A journo joins the White House full-time and a well-deserved promotion creates the first Fortune 500 CEO blog.

EFF Calls For DMCA Reform Support

A bill before the House would reform the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and ensure protections long enjoyed by consumers for lawfully using digital content continue to exist.

Om Malik: the Revenge of Windows Mobile

Is Microsoft coming into the mobile space fast and furious? Yes and Om Malik noticed.

Congress Sounds Off Against Search

MSN, Yahoo, Google, and networking company Cisco all sent staffers to be part of a House Subcommittee hearing on their business practices in China.

Dog House Factor’ Drives VDay Shopping

Valentine’s Day shopping, it may be said, is driven by the “dog house factor” as much as or more than love. Men have long suspected that the holiday was contrived by sinister dealings between marketers and women. An online poll by Harris Interactive suggests that the agreed upon day for symbolic materialism is a bit more important to the ladies, but not near as important as to the online marketer.

Blogs House “Brand Assassins”

Beware the lowly blogger, all ye mighty multinational corporations, for the keyboard, the RSS feed, and the comments section are mightier than the public relations sword.

House Committee Chairman Upbraids Google

Virginia Republican Tom Davis, chair of the House Government Reform Committee, called out Google for cooperating with China but not the US on its requests.

Now Hang On a Sec…

This week it feels like someone must have cursed our house with a Chinese curse and we’ve suddenly been thrust into “interesting times.” Yikes.

White House Seeks Google Records

A scenario long feared by privacy advocates over Google’s voluminous storage of millions of pieces of information on user searches arose as Department of Justice lawyers asked a federal court to compel Google’s cooperation with their requests.

Yahoo Is In The Wow House

Yahoo plans to create a third original web-only series; this one will be a reality show that embraces and extends the “home makeover” concept, called “Wow House.”

Software Suggestions For Startups

Silicon Valley venture capitalists vie with Google and Yahoo to shower money on the latest, greatest idea; this is a brief summary of two approaches to building one’s presence.