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HotOrNot Acquired By Avid Life Media

If you ask someone about it, HotOrNot may get called sexist, silly, or a complete waste of time.  But "someone" – meaning almost everyone – is likely to know what HotOrNot is, and it’s probably this ubiquity that led Avid Life Media to acquire the site.

Facebook Widgets Cause Dramatic Traffic Increase
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In what there calling "The Facebook Effect," metrics firm Quantcast says widgets developed on the Facebook platform are driving substantial traffic spikes for the websites they’re connected to.

Experts Down on Marketing

Guy Kawasaki moderated a panel of some innovative web community founders at the CommunityNext Conference, and the video is fascinating. It’s not often I get a 1 hour video and watch it all the way through, but I’ve already watched this one twice.

The Ultimate Social Network You’ve Never Heard Of

Ok, maybe you have … and it just might be Flixster, a social network dedicated to film, actors, Hollywood and movie fans.

The obvious question you could be wondering is how it can be "the ultimate" when there are so many other social networks that have been around longer, pull more traffic, have more users and generate more buzz?