Hotness Articles

Google Trends Now Has Hotness

The experimental Google Trends site has added another measurement for searches, highlighting the hottest trends for site visitors.

Oddball YouTube Awards Announced Far, Wide

The winners of the first ever YouTube Video Awards have been announced, and ninjas and treadmill-hopping pop stars, among others, ruled the day.  Almost as interesting is the amount of attention the awards have gotten in the mainstream media.

MSNBC, ABC, and FOX.  Newsday, the Chicago Sun Times, and the New York Times.  Even sources in Australia, Britain, and Italy have reported on the outcome.  If anyone still had doubts about how well-known Google’s pet project has become, let those lists erase their misgivings.

JPG Intros “Hotness,” I Hope Yahoo Doesn’t Sue Them

JPG Magazine: Blog: Introducing Hotness Well our good friends over at JPG Magazine introduced a cool new feature on their site today. it’s called Hotness "because interestingness was taken" (their words).

Hotness basically uses the social activity around the photos on their site, "votes, views, and more," to share with members of the JPG community some of the best shots being uploaded per an "algorithm" that they created.

Tired: Sharing; New Hotness: Privacy

From del.icio.us to Google, the concept of sharing even the most detached information one generates willingly or unwillingly has far less appeal than the concept of privacy.

Tired: Bloggers New Hotness: Commenters

Blogging is easy to start and hard to sustain. Perhaps the next rise in consumer-generated media will come from those who provide the conversations that most blogs seek.

Press Releases The New Hotness For 2006

Search engine optimization for press releases could give marketers an avenue into the various news search sites online.

Tired: Web 2.0; New Hotness: Classifieds 2.0

Newspaper veterans attending a talk by Oodle.com CEO Craig Donato at a Las Vegas conference learned they’d best get onboard with online advertising ASAP.