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Windows Live Hotmail Goes Global

It’s being billed as “[t]he most significant upgrade for Hotmail since it pioneered the webmail industry in 1996,” and it’s here: Windows Live Hotmail is rolling out globally.

New users should get an account immediately; MSN Hotmail customers will be presented with the option of upgrading. 

Windows Live Hotmail Launched Worldwide

Microsoft Corp. today announced that Windows Live Hotmail, the successor to MSN Hotmail, is launching globally in 36 languages.

Microsoft Buying Yahoo? OSS Implications

Just read news about Microsoft potentially buying or merging with Yahoo. These are just rumours, and lots of analysis will discuss why the deal may or may not make sense.

Hotmail Launches ‘Email Britain’ Campaign

To celebrate the UK launch of the new Windows Live Hotmail, the UK’s no 1 email service has announced a unique collaboration with the British Library, to create the first ever archive of British emails today.

Windows Live Hotmail M10 is on the way!

Looks like Windows Live Hotmail M10 is not far from being on the way, and with this new release brings some new changes:

Yahoo Messenger in Mail and Google AJAX News Bar

Yahoo has started integrating Yahoo Messenger into Yahoo Mail, just like Google did with Gmail over a year ago. Because of Yahoo’s cool tabbed IM interface, the IM window is full size, supersized even, making for lots of room for avatars, rich text editing controls, and timestamps.

Mail Call For Windows Live Hotmail
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The new email service from Microsoft will receive a name that combines the familiar Hotmail name with the heavily-backed Windows Live brand.

Ultimately we think faithful Hotmail users will continue to call the Windows Live branded service by the name they have known for over ten years. Long-time users who recall Hotmail’s origins may remember the various obstacles Microsoft encountered in 1997 when they bought Hotmail and moved it from Solaris to Windows servers.

Hotmail Increases Storage

Microsoft has increased the storage space in Hotmail to one gigabyte, bringing it in line with what Yahoo Mail offers.

Trend Micro To Continue Scanning Hotmail

Microsoft has agreed to extend Trend Micro’s contract with MSN and permit it to continue providing antivirus scanning and cleaning for Hotmail’s 230 million email accounts.

Microsoft’s Windows Live Power Play

Participating in the first UK preview of Windows Live in London last Thursday evening was a worthwhile experience.

Sasser Sven, Hotmail Hoax, Top July Charts

The monthly review of viruses and hoaxes by security software firm Sophos also shows numerous Mytob variants in the virus list.

Microsoft To Enhance Hotmail and Search

Microsoft is making some big changes to its free e-mail service Hotmail. The company plans to make Hotmail’s interface more like its Outlook and Outlook Express programs.

Hotmail Users Get A Spam And Scam Safety Bar

Sender ID authentication alerts will now show up in a new interface as Microsoft tries to protect its users from spam and scams.

Negative Reactions To Outlook Hotmail Service

Microsoft offers a spiffy new service called Microsoft Office Outlook Live and what do people do … complain of course.

Hotmail Suffers Storage Gaffe

Members that signed up for Microsoft’s free version of Hotmail last Wednesday (7-21-04) were treated to an unexpected gift. Upon completion of their registration, some new members were rewarded with 2 gigabytes of storage, the upgraded amount reserved for paid members.

Microsoft Adds Improved Anti-Virus Protection For Hotmail

As the fight for email dominance continues, it seems each major player is bringing more to the table in order to one-up the other. With email being a major source of virus infections, any update to anti-virus protection is bound to draw attention. And so, Microsoft has announced that they will improve Hotmail’s tools to combat viruses that are spread through email.

MSN Hotmail Takes on Google with 250 MB of Email Storage

In a few weeks, users of MSN Hotmail will be offered 250MB of storage space. The upgrade will take place in early July, Microsoft announced today.

Are Yahoo! and Hotmail Blocking Gmail Invites?

Joel Johnson created a buzz earlier today by reporting that some Gmail invites and emails aren’t getting through to Hotmail users. Several reports also claim the emails aren’t getting through Yahoo! Mail filters.

Are Hotmail and Yahoo! Blocking Gmail Invites?
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Joel Johnson created a buzz by reporting that some Gmail invites and emails aren’t getting through to Hotmail users. Several reports also claim the emails aren’t getting through Yahoo! Mail filters.

Hotmail using C# – A HTTPMail client under .NET

The great thing about the POP mail protocol is that it is a well-documented open standard, making writing a mail client to collect mail from a POP box a relatively painless process. Armed with basic knowledge of POP, or SMTP it is possible to write proxies which do a variety of useful things, such filter out spam or junk mail, or provide an e-mail answering machine service. Unfortunately, in trying to write a standalone client for Hotmail, the world’s most popular web-based mailing system, the fact that no POP gateway exists rapidly becomes a problem.