HotJobs Articles

Google Wallet May Be Hiring

A job posting could be the beginning of the Google Wallet unveiling, or it could be a need for a pointy-haired boss type to handle ad billing issues.

Is Google Developing A Podcast Search?

With the popularity of podcasting continuing to climb, a few, perhaps smaller search service providers have integrated the ability to search out the audio files, and it looks like the big guns are considering it as well.

Is HotJobs Getting An Unfair Rap?

Yahoo has been taking a great deal of flap for their decision to allow their HotJobs search engine to scrape job listings from other sites. The general consensus among many bloggers is that this is a poor choice on Yahoo’s behalf, which leads to a question: Why?

Yahoo Launches HotJobs Job Engine

When it comes to covering the search engine industry, the press seems to begin and end with Google happenings, something this author is guilty of as well. However, it’s always nice to cover the happenings of Google’s competitors, provided they’ve done something to warrant said coverage.