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Hotel Deals: Saving Money On Your Summer Vacation

It is finally getting warm in most areas and summer is fast approaching. If you go on a vacation every summer, you may be ready to start planning it. One of the first things people plan concerning their summer vacations is a budget. Nobody wants to overpay while traveling and saving money on one aspect of your vacation such as …

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50 Shades of Grey: Hotel Package Lets You Create Your Own Fantasies

“50 Shades of Grey” is apparently the book to read if you’re interested in expanding your amorous exploits in the bedroom. It’s the ultimate how-to book for sexual freakiness, wrapped in a narrative that began its life as “Twilight” fan fiction. The popularity of the “mommy porn” novel has exploded as of late, with otherwise unadventurous folks using the novel …

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Hotel Bible Kindle: Get in Touch with God. Digitally.

Hotel Bibles are as commonplace as curious stains on bedsheets. Whenever I travel, I always take a peek in the drawers to see if one has been provided, should I decide to save my soul during my stay. Because I’ve watched way too many movies in my day, I secretly flip through the pages in case someone has left behind …

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How To Avoid Hotel Cancellation Fees

The majority of hotels charge a fee for canceling a room reservation, if one cancels within 24 hours of their scheduled check in. This sort of thing typically isn’t an issue if one has a planned vacation or trip, and has ample time to adjust changes in plans. Still, for cancelled or re-routed flights, various emergencies, etc., a Redditor called …

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Digital Downloads Coming To eBay, Live Nation, and Fairmont Hotels

 Perhaps if labels make it easier for fans to purchase, they will buy more music; or so the theory goes.  MySpace Music, imeem and Spotify are just a few of the sites adding buy buttons.  Now some new players who each already have millions of website visitors are entering the online music retailing game.