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Google Hotel Finder Finally Gets Ability To Book Reservations From Your Phone

Google launched Hotel Finder back in 2011, and now, they’ve finally added the ability to book hotels from your mobile device. This seems like a pretty key feature to have in such an offering, but better late than never, right? Now, if you go to on your phone, you can search, filter your results and book your hotel through …

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Google Is Using Logic to Fight Waste With Hotel Finder

‘Hotel Finder” by Google has refined its functionality to include ‘Hotels by Travel Time’. I like it! I have to ask why they never thought to have this before. So many times i’ve booked a hotel that the search said was near my event and when I arrived, I found the two destinations were miles apart. Google has addressed this …

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Google Hotel Finder Launched

Google introduced something called Hotel Finder today, which it describes as an experimental search tool designed to help users find “that perfect hotel.” Essentially, it’s a hotel search engine, but it comes with an interesting user interface. “To help you figure out where the action is, Hotel Finder shines a ‘tourist spotlight’ on the most visited areas of U.S. cities,” …

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