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Soupy Sales Dies, Web Responds

Comedian Soupy Sales has passed away at the age of 83, reportedly at a Hospice in New York. 

Provide your condolences at the Famous Dead website — …

The web is abuzz with fond memories and sadness of his death.  The rate at which the Tweets about him are rolling in provide evidence to that.

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Google Hot Trends Come to Results Pages

Google has released an extension of its Hot Trends feature, which brings some of its components to the results page when a user searches for one of the "hot trends." Now when a user’s query matches one of the top 100 trends (or fastest-rising search terms), Google will show them a graph and further information about how popular the query is.

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Searchers Ready for Football, Sunny, and Office

In a way, today is a big day for Hulu. The popular video site will soon likely attract a huge number of views based on two shows that return to television this evening – NBC’s The Office and FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. These two have been huge hits for Hulu in the past, and that will likely continue as the two programs begin pushing out new episodes.

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A Trend On Google Trends?

Last week, Google Trends monitors were taken aback by the appearance of a swastika among the Hot Trends list. Yesterday, another graphic popped up and stayed there, an upside down and backwards message to Google itself.

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Swastika A Google Hot Trend?

While perusing Google’s Hot Trends list yesterday, you might have noticed something out of place: a swastika symbol.

It was out of place for a few reasons. 1.) Obviously, the swastika is now (and perhaps forever) associated with reviled Nazism. 2.) Ironically, its origins are rooted in Jainism, which emphasizes equality and protection of all life—even bugs. 3.) There’s no swastika key on anybody’s Roman-lettered keyboard, unless specially made for skinheads.

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Midwest Clipper Sends Students Googling

Every morning I like to visit at Google’s Hot Trends page to see what’s on the minds of searchers out there. Usually it’s reflective of the morning news, but this morning it read like a school closings report.

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