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Sriracha Hot Sauce Manufacturer Stopped 30 For Days

That delightful but spicy hot sauce, Sriracha made by Huy Fong Foods has been ordered to shut down temporarily due to complaints by nearby neighbors stating the spicy smells are irritating their eyes and noses and throats. The court ordered the chili sauce makers to “cool it” until they address the issues. According to Huy Fong Foods, the odors are …

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Sriracha Irwindale Gets Odor Complaints

Who doesn’t like hot sauce? Take an ordinary dish, and add some Sriracha hot sauce (considered by many to be the world’s best) and suddenly the dish will not taste ordinary anymore. However, liking the taste of something and liking the smell of something is not necessarily the same. i need travel-sized sriracha packets. — ? Hippest Hipster (@HippestHipster) October …

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