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Cooking Class Explosion Caused By Heating Hot Cocoa

A small fire erupted inside a biology lab at Northside College Prep High School while students were participating in a class activity. The project involved heating hot chocolate on a single-burner stove under the supervision of an instructor. The gas used during the activity ultimately triggered the fire; however, the sprinkler system quickly extinguished the flames. According to Chicago Fire …

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Chocolate Linked to Brain Health, Shows Study

Good news for chocoholics this week: a new study has found that chocolate could help the elderly keep their minds sharp. The study, published this week in the journal Neurology, found that two cups of hot cocoa per day improved some participants’ memory and thinking abilities while also increasing blood flow to the brain. 60 people with an average age …

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Marshmallow Hot-Chocolate Stirrers? Yes, Please

I came across this awesome little tutorial today and loved the idea so much, I’m thinking of making them to package with hot chocolate and a cute mug for a Christmas gift. It’s easy, delicious, and kind of adorable (if you’re one who finds food adorable). What you’ll need: Peppermint sticks or candy canes Fat marshmallows Dipping chocolate White chocolate …

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