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Spicy Burger Puts Two Men In Hospital

When a burger requires a legal waiver in order to dig in, perhaps that’s one red hot flag you shouldn’t ignore. The Hot Chilli Burger is an infamous staple of the Burger Off restaurant in Hove, England. It’s more than …

Heat Wave: Hundreds of Heat Records Broken
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On the east coast it’s getting close to quitting time, and if you haven’t stepped outside this afternoon, prepare for a warm surprise. And by warm, I mean ludicrously hot. People often say “it’s like an oven out there” when …

Lauren Tannehill is the Trend Winner of the NFL Draft
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While NFL teams were working diligently to replenish their rosters via the NFL Draft, something perhaps unexpected caught the collective masses’ eye: the fiancee of then-Texas A&M quarterback, Ryan Tannehill. When the signal-caller was selected by the Miami Dolphins at …