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Will Blogosphere Force Amazon to Withdraw Lawsuit?
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been caught saying one thing and doing another. According to ZDNet, while Bezos was chatting at the Web 2.0 conference and promoting his company’s S3 hosting service to the crowd, he was quietly suing the pants off of Alexaholic.

Fixing Duplicate Content Issues

Not all webmasters are aware that search engines view each URL as a different page, even it has the same content or is different from the other URL by ending with a slash or if it preceeded by a www or not. To serve only one version of the page to get the deserved traffic, you’ll need to remember a couple of things about fixing URL issues.

How Much Space Do You Need With Your Hosting Account?
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Web hosting is an extremely competitive field and most web hosts will offer some rather large amounts of space in an effort to sell you on their services.

Choosing a Framework for Web Development

I recently had the opportunity to develop a small online booking system. This time around I was determined to make use of some development framework.

PodCamp West

Have plans this weekend? Now you do.

Google Code Search Ready To Go

Another facet of the search advertising company’s creation of an alternative destination for developers should debut online tonight.

Yahoo Deals With Current…

In a strange turn of events, Yahoo is launching a big effort with Current TV, which has until now partnered well with Google.

The Story Of ASP Web Hosting

ASP web hosting is a type of web hosting service that uses ASP technology. ASP technology is Microsoft’s technology on the server-side that is used for web pages.

Seeing Perl In Google Code

Google’s release of a code repository for open source projects has a number of languages represented, including Perl.

SourceForge Redesigns Its Search

Sourceforge.net announced several updates that have taken place to the open source project collaboration site, including an upgrade to its search capability.

Google Launches SourceForge Competitor

Even though Google said it is not competing with the SourceForge project hosting site, it’s difficult to view it otherwise considering Google’s features and other services that can complement it.

Unix Vs. Windows Hosting
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When browsing through the offerings of various web hosting companies you are sure to notice that some offer UNIX hosting and others offer Windows.

PreFound Hosting Social Network Roundtable

The PreFound.com social search engine plans to hold a Kentucky Derby Roundtable with several notable guests venturing to the Bluegrass State to discuss social communities and search.

Decoding Web Hosting Reviews: From Java to Windows
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In an earlier article, we explained how web hosting reviews identify web hosting companies by the services they offer.

Decoding Web Hosting Reviews: ASP to FrontPage

Web hosts come under many names: ASP Hosting, Cold Fusion Hosting, Java Hosting, PHP Hosting; and as such, so must web hosting reviews.

Upgrading to ASP.Net 2: Why Your Site Might Stop Working When You Do
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Asp.Net version 2 was released last year by Microsoft and contains a feature rich set of classes that can do just about anything imaginable.

BlogSpot Says No To MSN Search?

A BlogSpot blogger claims that he received an email from Google saying that the MSN Search box he had placed on his blog violated Blogger’s Terms Of Service.

At A Glance: ASP.net vs. PHP
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In the world of web development, the choice of which development language to use commonly comes down to two popular choices.

MovableType on Yahoo! Web Hosting

As of today, it’s official. You can get MovableType on Yahoo! Web Hosting.

Understanding SQL Web Hosting

Before understanding the concept of SQL web hosting, it’s necessary to have a basic grasp on what SQL is, and also how web hosting works.

Managed Hosting Service Review

When considering managed hosting services, I have to say the first company that comes to mind is Rackspace.

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