Hospital Articles

KY Governor In Hospital With Blood Clot

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher, 53, remained in the hospital on Friday, recovering from a blood clot removal. Doctors dissolved about 95% of the potentially deadly clot from a vein between the upper left arm and his chest.

Google Print Troubles UK Childrens Hospital

The latest controversy surrounding Google’s ambitious Print for Libraries project, where the aim is digitize and make available online all works of literature, comes after a heart-string tugging plea from a British hospital for terminally-ill children that receives much of its revenue from its copyright of Peter Pan.

Superbugs Threaten Hospital Patients

US researchers added to the compulsive hand washer’s checklist of possible contaminants, citing a new study that says hyper-resistant bacteria, informally named “superbugs” can mill around hospital surfaces for weeks.

Hospital Room Shows Lots of Opportunities for Software Industry in Future

People ask me what the software industry’s future is. All I do is look around this hospital room (which is in one of the richest hospitals in the world) and I see tons of opportunities.

Hospital Implements SCM Suite

Lawson Software signed a consulting services agreement with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in Lawson’s first quarter, which ended Aug. 31, 2004, to implement and upgrade Lawson products the hospital licensed in Lawson’s fourth quarter.