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Facebook Value Continues to Diminish In Investors Eye’s

This morning Bloomberg published an article featuring a harsh criticism of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s less-than-traditional business apparel. Apparently his signature hoodie is an insult to some crusty investors over on Wall Street who like all their monkey men to be dressed in the same uniform. Zuckerberg, as would be expected, appeared on their IPO roadshow wearing the same hoodie …

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Hey Zuckerberg, Why Not Try the Executive Hoodie?

A big tip of the hat to Business Insider for finding this executive hoodie from Betabrand. This seems to be Zuckerberg’s best bet for looking professional and keeping his image. After an analyst commented on the “immaturity” he showed by wearing his trademark hoodie to a Facebook investor meeting, Zuck needs to show he can still take some things seriously. …

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Trayvon Martin: Teacher Fired After Students Plan Hoodie Fundraiser

A Michigan teacher has been fired because she encouraged her students to plan a fundraiser for Trayvon Martin’s family in which each child would donate a dollar to wear a hoodie to school rather than their usual uniform. Brooke Harris said she gave her 8th-grade journalism students a writing assignment on the Martin case and that the students expressed interest …

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Bobby Rush Wears Hoodie For Trayvon, Gets Kicked Off House Floor

The hoodie has been a garment of much interest in the past few weeks, ever since 17-year old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed because his own hooded sweatshirt made him look “suspicious” in the eyes of neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. Thousands of people have taken to wearing a hoodie in support of Martin and his family, including celebrities who …

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