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Smart Thermostats: Honeywell Announces the Lyric Thermostat

The smart thermostat business has held promise for quite a while now, with even companies such as Google investing heavily in the technology. Now one of the most popular thermostat makers in the world has entered its own smart thermostat into the running. Honeywell has announced its new Lyric thermostat, a smart thermostat with programmable capabilities. The device is being …

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Nest Brings In Big Guns For Honeywell Lawsuit

In January we brought you news of a remarkable new advance in, of all things, thermostat technology. Unveiled at CES 2012, the Nest Learning Thermostat promised to bring your tired old thermostat into the smartphone era. Unfortunately, however, the forces of Big Climate Control had a problem with that: a month after the Nest Learning Thermostate was unveiled at CES, …

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Honeywell Sues Nest Over Learning Thermostat

During last month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas we brought you news of the Nest Learning Thermostat. This amazing thermostat learns from your habits and adjusts the temperature in your home in order to save energy, as well as money on your heating/cooling bill. The thermostat even connects with your home wi-fi, allowing you to control it from a …

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