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Michelle Duggar ‘Child Predator’ Message Comes Back to Haunt 19 Kids & Counting

Michelle Duggar, matriarch to the 19 Kids and Counting brood, may have to eat her own words. Last year, Michelle Duggar lent her considerable celebrity to a campaign to help defeat the rights of transgender persons to use public bathrooms with which they identify. In a robocall that went out in the Fayetteville, Arkansas area, Michelle Duggar said: “The Fayetteville …

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Miley Cyrus Says Indiana Governor Is an Asshole

Miley Cyrus has joined the chorus of Hoosier Haters who take issue with the recently enacted Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Miley Cyrus took to Instagram to announce her disdain for Indiana governor Mike Pence, who signed the controversial bill into law this week. Following her brother’s lead, Miley announced to her 16.9 million Instagram followers: “You’re an asshole @govpenceIN cc: …

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19 Kids and Counting: Duggar Homophobia Petition Doubles Signatures Overnight

An online petition asking TLC to cancel the Duggars’ 19 Kids and Counting reality show saw its support numbers double overnight last night. The petition was started because of the alleged homophobic activities of Michelle Duggar and other Duggar family members. When we told you about the petition yesterday there were just over 50,000 signatures gathered since it was started …

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Michelle Duggar and Family Homophobia Charges Over Kissing Post Follow Them on Roadtrip

The marriage equality battle being waged on the Duggars’ Facebook page is still going on. The family is trying to put it behind them and move on with their life, but it is still a hot topic. Even when they got out of town for a trip to a Christian liberal arts college, the press followed them with headlines about …

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Jonah Hill Appears On ‘Tonight Show’ To Apologize For Gay Slur

Just last week, Jonah Hill was all over the news when he said a homophobic slur to a paparazzi who was following him. The incident was caught on video. On Tuesday, Hill guested on The Tonight Show to talk about his upcoming film with Channing Tatum, 22 Jump Street. He also took the opportunity to give a sincere apology about …

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Michelle Shocked: Slurs Used in On-Stage Homophobic Rant

Singer Michelle Shocked cleared the house on Sunday after going on an on-stage rant against homosexuality in a San Francisco nightclub. According to a report in the The Bay Area Reporter, Shocked played two sets at Yoshi’s nightclub in the Fillmore section of San Francisco on March 17. Though the first set went fine, after which she tweeted the following: …

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