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Breaking Down Camps

As the guy who pitched in for both BarCamp and MashupCamp, I should comment on the back and forth that happened this weekend.

Yahoo Updates My Web 2.0

The MyWeb Development Team fills us in on some recent updates to My Web 2.0.

Google Redesign

Andy Rutledge does a superb job redesigning the Google.com homepage, managing to keep what works in the clean white-space interface, while bringing true structure to the page and giving it a more modern sheen.

Does The Google Homepage Need A Fix?

One designer thinks the now-legendary Spartan homepage for Google.com needs a little centering and a lot more color than it has now. Andy Rutledge has some thoughts about Google.

Technorati Enhances Chart Blogging

The charts provided by blog search site Technorati now have more data behind them, giving blog searchers an extra treat while searching for posts on their favorite topics.

Million Dollar Homepage Falls To DDoS

Lots of outages have hit the now-legendary Million Dollar Homepage site, and have been blamed on a massive distributed denial of service attack.

Google Launches a Killer Mobile RSS Reader

Google has once again answered my prayers for a mobile RSS reader with the launch of the Google Mobile Personalized homepage.

Google Offers Dell Branded Homepage

Interesting news from Rubel. Google is offering a Dell branded homepage on browsers shipped with Dell computers.

Another Co-Branded Google Page Pops Up

I smell a trend here. Earlier today, I blogged about the Dell-Google co-branded homepage.

Google Not Toying With Homepage Ads

A site in Belarus looks like the Google homepage displaying advertising in Belarusian, but the site is not owned by Google.

Even More Google Customizing

Google has taken the personalized homepage concept a step further down the development path and released an API for creating homepage modules.

Linking Past The Homepage

The first session I attended today, the third day of the Chicago SES conference, was the Linking Strategies track. This particular session had a number of speakers, many of which you all are familiar with like Greg Boser of WebGuerilla.com, Eric Ward of EricWard.com, and Mike Grehan. SearchEngineWatch’s Chris Sherman moderated.

The Million Pixel March

Dr. Evil would be impressed with the debut of the Million Dollar Homepage. Alex Tew, an entrepreneurial young man in the U.K. created the site in order to raise a little money, a cool million to be specific and he’s got a unique method to his million dollar madness, one pixel at a time.

Surviving The Search Wars – Local Directories
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Innovation in the competitive search engine and directory markets: how the internet is the perfect medium for David to take on Goliath. The pursuit of online information has become an increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace during the past three years.

Google Updates Personalized Homepage, Now With RSS

Google has added new content to its personalized homepage at google.com/ig, but most people will be excited to hear that it is now an RSS reader. Just click add content to try the nifty slide-out side panel which allows you to choose from dozens of sources and type in RSS feeds.

MySQL for Beginners How to create a MySQL Database
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Whether you are an experienced web programmer or a complete novice attempting to provide data interactivity with your web site, MyQSL is an easy to use and free database solution that can allow you to store and configure data to be displayed on your web site.

Kevin Bidwell Responds To AdSense Hijack
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A couple days ago, it was widely reported a certain Google result had been hijacked by another site using redirect technology. However, the site owner responsible for the presumed hijack disagreed with the assessment and would like to offer an explanation.

Google AdSense Hijacked In Google Search Results
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The act of page hijacking with concerns to the search engine world can produce long ranging results, especially for the web site or page targeted by the attack.

Personalize Your Google Homepage

The basic Google homepage, a clean, minimalist setting with the occasional logo change for holidays, can now be tweaked.

Yahoo! 360 gets Parodied, Beautifully…

Yahoo! 360 the new blog meets social network service from Yahoo! get’s sent up beautifully by SixFoo 660, in fact, it quite litterally had me laughing out loud.

Google Adds Local Tab To Homepage

So Google changed their homepage again, they added the “Local” tab to the search interface.