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How Critical Is Your Homepage?

Recently I came across a customer, who was very adamant on making a cool looking homepage and putting all their promotions and one of the main lead generation links (sign-up for newsletter) only on the homepage.

Flash’s crossdomain.xml Dangers

PHP security guru Chris Shiflett has a great post about the dangers of Cross Domain Flash.

Web App Vulnerabilities Over Buffer Overflows

This should be an eye opener to many. In September Mitre reported that web application vulnerabilities are claiming the top three spots on their CVE request list, beating out Buffer Overflows.

Open Source SQL Full Text Search Engine – Sphinx

I came across Sphinx via the MySQL Performance Blog (which has some good entries you might want to check out). It is an Open Source Full Text SQL Search Engine.

Blog Business Summit: Jason Calacanis Keynote

Jason Calacanis of Netscape/Weblogs Inc./AOL just kicked off the day at the Blog Business Summit here in lovely and cloudy Seattle.

Yahoo Picks Up AdInterax

Yahoo no longer needs to worry about experiencing a shortage of “rich media advertising solutions” – the company just acquired AdInterax, which specializes in providing those to “online publishers.” Both parties were mum about the financial aspects of the deal.

Why Designing a Good API Matters

Joshua Bloch has a good presentation outline called How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters.

Google Adds Recommendation Widget

Google has added a new homepage widget that shows you “Interesting Items” personalized for you based on your search history. The module displays recommended searches, web pages and homepage gadgets Google thinks you’d be interested in.

Go Go Katie Couric Google Gadget
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Just when you thought it was safe to load up the Google Personalized Homepage, CBS and Google have released a new gadget featuring the network’s new anchor.

Google Video Makes The Homepage

Froogle and Groups have been relegated to the out of sight, out of mind dustbin (well, to the More link, really) as Google’s Marissa Mayer formally announced the video link we have been seeing atop the Google search bar for the past few days.

Google Musical Opens; English Books Close

It’s official. Google geek-chic has become so sexy they’ve made a musical tribute. Google: The Musical opens next week inMinnesota? In the spirit of l337 and Internet English, it may promise satisfactorily deplorable language mechanics.

MySpace Runs Out Of Power

Everyone’s friend on MySpace, Tom Anderson, has posted a note on the MySpace home page stating a power outage has brought down the site. If it can happen to MySpace, it can happen to you.

MSN Invokes Karma For Charity Campaign

MSN is launching a karmic charity campaign called Under the Butterfly, a concept based on the famous Butterfly Effect that asserts small events impact larger ones. It’s “karmic” because participants in the event will have a choice: keep a prize or donate the cash equivalent.

Fo.rtuito.us Asks: You Feeling Lucky?

Regardless of opinions about the benefits of an odd domain name (del.icio.us succeeded, but few can agree if it was a fluke or not), fo.rtuito.us has people intrigued. And what’s not interesting about random social networking? It’s Forest Gump’s box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.

Google Reader Is On The Phone

Catching up with RSS or Atom feeds can be as simple as flipping open the phone and launching one’s Google Personalized Homepage.

Google Reader Lands On Your Homepage

Users of Google’s Personalized Homepage can add their reading lists from Google Reader as a module and view their feeds from the Homepage instead.

Google Personalized Homepage Drops Sidebar

Google recently changed the way content gets added to its personalized homepage, making the “Add content” link bring you to the widget/module directory.

Google Real Estate? Google Autos? Not?

Steve Rubel, in two seperate posts, links to new types of searches Google is serving, from auto searches to real estate searches.

Online Artist Says Open Up And Say Eww

One man’s art is another man’s “yick!” A person by the screen name “oralpixation” is staging an online “happening” for April Fool’s Day by asking “What’s in your mouth?” Those interested in answering that question are encouraged to upload a picture of their mastication habits to Flickr on Saturday.

Is There A Right Way To Build Blog Traffic?

For every purist blogger yearning to speak free, there is another opportunist blogger yearning cash in. Weblogs share certain valuable properties with Websites, but even if you can get two people to agree on what the key differences are, their goals may not align in why they blog, or the “right way” to generate traffic.

OMG! American Idol Blogs

You know, I was just thinking: teenage girls don’t talk enough. We need an online space just for them where they’ll feel comfortable speaking their mindsoh wait, here’s one. American Idol has added a cheer section to its website where fans can blog, dish and trash the contestants. So awesome! Anybody got a scrunchie?