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Google Jazzes Up Personalized Homepage

In a recent update, Google has added a new feature to its personalized homepage that might signal a focused effort to snatch another one of Yahoo’s strongholds away. By allowing users to give their Google homepage a more artistic look and feel, the company is sending a clear message that it wants to become the primary portal for everyone’s Internet experience.

MySQL – Storage Engine for Amazon S3

I got an email today from O’Reilly today about the MySQL Conference (coming up at the end in April), it looks like a pretty good conference, but one of the sessions caught my eye. It was called A Storage Engine for Amazon S3.

Play Stump The Google Personalized Page

Some updates have hit Google’s Personalized Homepage (unfortunately a shorter/catchier name was not among them), including one that makes the tabs a little more interesting.

Extending Google Office w/ Plug-in API

Wouldn’t it be neat if Google offered developers a way to write scripts to extend the functionality of Google Writely, Google Spreadsheets, Gmail and so on?

Google Reader’s Influence on RSS

Earlier this month, I wrote about the increasing number of subscribers to this blog’s RSS feed with numbers exceeding 1,000 for the first time.

How Not to Make the Digg Homepage

Here’s a surefire way of ensuring your site won’t make it to the Digg social news frontpage:

MSN Dutch Digg Clone Forgets Spam Protection

Recently (I honestly don’t know when), MSN launched a Digg clone in the Netherlands, called MSN reporter.

You can submit your story, and others can vote for it or against it. The top stories go to the MSN.nl homepage.

Now the boys at MSN haven’t really thought this through, as they store what stories you’ve voted on in… your cookie-jar!

Howto Backup your Mac incrementally over SSH

Do you have access to a shell account on a unix server with some spare space? If so it’s pretty easy to incrementally backup your files securely with SSH.

Kellogg, Yahoo, And The Glass Teat

When Kellogg pulled a Pontiac and told TV viewers to search for its Special K brand cereal on Yahoo!, Hitwise wondered if people really were the sheep Kellogg hoped they’d be. A line graph later, sure enough, people generally do what they’re told, as long as it’s on TV.

Digg – More Than Meets the Eye

Although the concept of Digg seems very simple, it is actually very complicated.

A Yahoo-ized Google Homepage

eWeek’s Steve Bryant wondered what Google’s homepage would look like if it looked more like Yahoo’s. The purists look at him like they’re smelling onions, but others look at it and think it’s not such a bad idea.

What if Google Looked like Yahoo?

Steve Bryant went and basically redesigned the Yahoo homepage as if it were created by Google filled with Google services, and instead of being a jab at either company, it looks great.

More to Digg than the Homepage

Sites like Digg are well known for driving thousands of visitors to a website within a very short period of time.

Pixelotto – Million Dollar Homepage v2

I like Pixelotto.com, Alex Tew’s followup to his Million Dollar Homepage.

Digg Experts
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While keeping informed and up to date about what is being written about Digg over the past several months I have come across a lot of information that really isn’t that insightful or in some cases is even just plain wrong.

You Must Get Up Early to Game Digg

You have to get up pretty darn early, if you want to try and game Digg.

Yahoo Wins Some, Loses Some In Korea

It’s a bad news/good news situation for Yahoo in Korea. Yesterday, it was announced that the nation’s second largest portal intends to make a deal with Google when its agreement with Yahoo runs out. Today, however, Yahoo renewed its “search marketing distribution” partnership with Korea’s largest portal.

Google Personalized Homepage Bug

Resistance is futile! As Brinke Guthrie noted, the Google Personalized homepage has a serious bug at the moment which won’t allow you to go back to classic homepage.

Building Server Side AJAX Suggestions with script.aculo.us
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I’m a big fan of the script.aculo.us javascript library.

Google’s Weight Gain/Loss Tracker

There’s a useful li’l weight tracker you can add to your Google personalized homepage, created by Brian W. Fitzpatrick, a Google software engineer. Brian calls the Gadget the Google 15, after the weight geeks usually gain after starting their Google jobs and being introduced to all the free food.

Google Checkout Free For Holiday Season

I just got an email from Google stating that Google Checkout transactions will be free until the end of the year: