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Rosario Dawson Plays Vanessa Hudgens’ Mom in Film

Rosario Dawson plays Vanessa Hudgens‘ character’s mom in the new film Gimme Shelter. Hudgens plays the role of a pregnant homeless teenager with Dawson as her incredibly abusive crack addicted mother. During a recent interview with Yahoo, Dawson dished about how this role was very different from those she typically plays, and not in the least bit glamorous. “That was …

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Winter Storm Ion: It is Really, Really Cold Outside

Today’s winter storm has been brought to you by the polar vortex, guaranteed to bring you unforgiving wind chills, snow and severe overall discomfort. Winter Storm Ion has brought high inches of snow with promises to bring much more. Weather forecasts of -31, -25 and -15 will be seen in some states (mostly Midwestern states) throughout Wednesday. States in all …

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