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ATM $37,000: A Man’s Get Rich & Lose it Quick Scheme

A Maine news website tells us how a homeless man in South Portland, Maine– with an ATM card and 140 dollars in his account –somehow found a way to make a quick profit and had his hands on $37,000 all for five minutes. As he maneuvered the ATM to do his bidding, the woman waiting behind him got impatient suspicious …

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Terrence Jones Arrested For Stomping On Homeless Man

It is easy for NBA players to draw criticism. It is even easier when they do things like stomp of sleeping homeless people. Terrence Jones, who currently plays for the Houston Rockets, was arrested last night in Portland, OR for assaulting a homeless man sleeping in a doorway. Reportedly, Jones and his friends were leaving a nightclub when a police …

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Miami Man Shot After Eating the Face of a Homeless Man

A Miami man was shot to death by police after they witnessed him eating the face off of a man on the MacArthur Causeway off ramp Saturday. The incident is being reported by the Miami Herald, who posted pictures of the incident as it happened, in broad daylight. According to the police report, a road ranger saw a naked man …

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