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Philadelphia Bans Outdoor Feeding of Homeless

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has just announced enacted a ban on the feeding of homeless people around the Benjamin Franklin Parkway area. This includes Love Park, where outreach groups commonly offer free food to large numbers of the indigent. Nutter states that the feedings are both unsanitary and undignified, adding that “providing to those who are hungry must not be …

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SXSW’s Homeless Hotspots Draw Jon Stewart’s Ire

You might have heard about a recent “experiment” that took place at this year’s SXSW festival, as it sparked quite the controversy earlier this week. A marketing company called BBH Labs launched what they called a “charitable innovation experiment,” that on one hand gave “jobs” to about a dozen homeless in the area while providing a necessary service for festival-goers …

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Homeless Hotspots Could Result in Numerous Public Health and Safety Risks

Marketing agency BBH Labs was been inspired to turn local homeless people into hotspots while attending the South by South West conference in Austin, Texas. Each homeless representative will be given a sign and a 4G connection to alert people of their location while they walk around and make connections for people in exchange for donations. This idea is sheer …

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Homeless Hotspots Under Fire

Marketing agency BBH Labs, an affiliate of Bartle Bogle Hegarty, is presently defending itself at SXSW, after unveiling “Homeless Hotspots,” a promotional concept that involves giving homeless people a 4G connection and a sign. BBH Labs discussed their Homeless Hotspots idea in a blog post – “This year in Austin, as you wonder between locations murmuring to your coworker about …

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