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Homeless Hotspots: Is It Dehumanizing?

In a time when everything has an app–when just about every company worth knowing about is mobile and everyone uses some form of social media–some would say digital services are their first priority. But should that priority come at the cost of another human’s dignity? Let us know what you think in our comments section. Some would say that is …

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“Homeless Hotspots” Organizers Defend Their Creation

“Homeless Hotspots” organizers are defending their marketing plan, saying it was done with only the best of intentions for the participants. As reported earlier, a controversial event at SXSW this year was the marketing plan by BBH Labs, which paired homeless participants with a MiFi device that allowed them to sell minutes of broadband use to attendees. The company claims …

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“Homeless Hotspots” At SXSW Drawing Praise And Criticism

SXSW, the enormous annual event in Austin, Texas which merges art, music, and technology with a party atmosphere, is making headlines–and waves–with their latest event, “Homeless Hotspots“. Merging marketing with a charitable function, BBH Labs has hired several homeless individuals to become temporary mobile 4G hotspots. Each person wears a t-shirt with their name and a code which, when sent …

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