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Flameless Candles Are A Safe Emergency Light Alternative

Flameless candles aren’t very romantic, are they? There’s just something alluring about the old-fashioned fire-powered candle. Unfortunately, romanticism isn’t going to save your house when the candle catches the drapes on fire. To prevent fires, you might just have to give up the romance in exchange for some flameless candles. Frux Home and Yard thinks you can have your cake …

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Lava Lamps: Business Continues, Even After 50 Years

Lava lamps, everyone’s favorite toy from the ’60s, is now able to celebrate its 50th birthday. It continues to be profitable, even after all these years. Lava lamps became a popular toy for many people during the ’60s and it was also an integral part of the drug culture with a lot of the hippies wanting to have one to …

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