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Historians Say They’ve Found The Holy Grail In León, Spain

Historians are claiming that they have found the Holy Grail, and it is in the Basilica of San Isidro, located in León, Spain. The goblet, which the historians are claiming to be the cup from which Jesus supposedly drank from …

Jay Z And Beyonce To Undergo Vegan Challenge
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As a way to celebrate his birthday and do something in order to change his life around a bit, Jay Z has decided to start a vegan diet. His wife, Beyonce, will join him as the high-powered celebrity couple decide …

Jay Z Releases New Men’s Fragrance: Gold Jay Z Jay Z Releases New Men’s Fragrance: Gold Jay Z
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Just when you thought Jay Z could not possibly do anything more as a business mogul, he comes out with a new fragrance for men. He debuted his new fragrance, which he calls “Gold Jay Z” on Friday November 1st. …