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Here’s an Insane, Ballsy Selfie from Atop Christ the Redeemer

Cristo Redentor, known to the English-speaking world as Christ the Redeemer, is a giant statue of Jesus Christ located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The statue itself is nearly 100 feet tall, stands atop a 26-ft tall base, which is itself positioned at the peak of the 2,300-ft Corcovado mountain. Or if measurements aren’t your thing–it’s really freaking tall. And …

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Jean-Claude Van Damme’s New Volvo Ad Is Mind-Blowing

There are splits, and then there are epic splits. I’m going to say that this new Volvo Trucks ad featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme has some of the latter. Bonus Enya below: Holy crap. That dude is 53 years old. And he’s doing the splits for everyone. According to Volvo, the ad is supposed to demonstrate “the precision and directional stability …

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Guy Films Himself Being Struck by Lightning [VIDEO]

Since the advent of YouTube, we’ve seen more and more regular people documenting insane weather – from tornados and hurricanes, to epic flooding and crazy lightning. It’s pretty cool that everyone has a camera on them at all times now, right? Well, the only problem with standing outside and capturing cool weather for the world to see is that you’re …

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