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Verisign Releases Holiday e-commerce Data

VeriSign released e-commerce data showing that the 2004 holiday shopping season yielded a total of $8.8 billion in online shopping purchases, a 24 percent increase as compared to the same period last year.

Does Your Copy Look “Fake” To The Search Engines?

From the early days of search engine optimization, keywords and content have always been vital to achieving your goals. Starting back in the days when we used to shove every slightly relevant keyword into our META tags, it has been obvious that search engines love text. The more complex and sophisticated the engines have gotten over the years, the more complex and sophisticated many writers have gotten with their search engine copywriting.

Amazon Has Record Holiday Season

Amazon has finished its busiest holiday season ever during which time it set a single-day record with more than 2.8 million units ordered, or 32 items per second, worldwide.

Late Online Holiday Shopping Increases

Because of improved shipping and customer service capabilities, late shoppers took the Internet in record numbers, price-wise, this holiday season. Reports have the amount of money spent shopping online for the week ending December 19th was up 57% from last year’s numbers.

Search Engines Contribute High Levels of Holiday Shopping Referrals

While visits to shopping sites are claiming a record share of total holiday season Web visits, search engines are continuing to contribute high levels of shopping referrals.

Most Searched For Gifts On Yahoo
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If you are having trouble deciding what to buy for gifts Yahoo has come to the rescue. Greg Gunwall, Sr. Product Manager of Yahoo! Shopping tells us what others are searching for and buying.

Google Dominates Holiday Searches

Hitwise announced in its Internet usage report that Google is dominating the holiday search engine traffic.

Google Software Downloads On One Page

The Google Blog team has just made Christmas easier. They announced a new page on Google where all of the Google software downloads are neatly available for download from a single web page.

Leveraging your Holiday Sales Volumes and Getting your Business in the Consumers Minds

As people hustle and bustle about trying to get those last minute gift ideas ready before the big day hits, spending is up and sales run rampant, as marketers get ready for that special time of year.

eBay Kicks off Holiday Charity Auction

eBay kicked off their spectacular holiday charity auction with a special Hummer H2 autographed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and personalized with the winning bidder’s name.

How To Boost Your Sales During The Holidays

You can maximize your sales during the Holidays …even if you have to deal with more intense competition – or if you normally experience a drop in business because your products and services are not commonly used for “gift giving”.

Sun Microsystems’ Holiday Shopping Survey

Harris Interactive conducted a survey on consumer shopping patterns this holiday season on behalf of Sun Microsystems.

How A Change in Perspective Can Help You Make More Holiday Season Sales: Pt. One

Some sites are perfect for the Christmas season – their products fit easily into the idea of gift-giving. But what if the products and services you offer are for small business owners?

Holiday Shoppers Look to MSN

Sales on the MSN Shopping channel are on course to top last year’s. Total spending and site traffic rose 30 percent over that of November 2003.

Yahoo Talks Turkey

The Yahoo search blog team is already in Thanksgiving holiday spirits. In their most recent blog post they discuss how searches are spiking for Turducken, Tofurky and other bird related items.

Holiday Search Engine Ads

As search engine advertisers get ready for the 2004 holiday season, what they write as their paid listings will affect the number of shoppers who visit their web sites.

7 Reasons NOT to Take Your Laptop on Holiday!

Heading off on vacation soon?

Is Your Website Ready for the Holidays?

If your website does not recognize special holidays and events, your site visitors and customers may get the impression that your site content is stale. The task to prepare your site for the holidays (or a current event) does not have to be a time consuming project.

Six Quick Tips for Holiday Online Retailers

If you’re an online retailer looking at the impending holiday season, you might think it’s too late to make any changes to your website that will affect holiday sales. You might even be thinking you’ll just have to see how the season shakes out online and make changes next year.

Preparing for a Competitive Holiday Season

Christmas is a time of joy, family and a fridge full of turkey soup and sandwiches to fill your happy belly for weeks to come. It is a short but stressful break at the start of a long and (at least in most parts of Canada), normally bleak winter. It is also the time of the year that accounts for over 40% of most retail business sales and can either make or break a business depending on the retail success of the season. I don’t want to be the one to break the news to most of you but someone has to do it; the holiday season is coming and this year it’s coming sooner than you think.

How to Tap in to the Holiday Publicity Bonanza

If your product or service can be given as a gift, a publicity windfall awaits at the end of the year – but you need to start working in June. Each December, media outlets cover the newest, the hottest and the most unusual Holiday gifts. The reporters assigned to develop these pieces typically depend on two sources of information: