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Despite Facebook Rise, MySpace Still King
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All the press and the industry observers talked about last year was Facebook, which made it seem like MySpace was soooo 2006. Social networkers, though, must not have been paying too much attention.

According to data from Hitwise, MySpace pulled in 76 percent of US visits to social networking websites in 2007, and 95 percent of them were return visitors in December. This can be interpreted that not only is MySpace commanding the vast majority of the social networking market, but also inspires some pretty fierce loyalty.

Two Percent Of UK Traffic Heads To Facebook

Due to the state of the American economy, we’re getting used to seeing "down" graphs.  Not everything would make a good left-to-right ski slope, however, and a representation of UK Internet traffic to Facebook would be absolutely terrible.

Starbucks And McDonald’s Traffic Trends

Odds are decent that you see at least one of these establishments every time you leave the house.  So Hitwise has pulled up some data and examined whether Starbucks or McDonald’s will win the high-priced coffee war.Starbucks And McDonald's Traffic Trends

Google Maps Getting More and More Popular

According to Hitwise, Google Maps is growing in popularity rapidly. While they have a long way to go to overtake the leader in the maps sector, Google Maps is the only major map site to see an increase in traffic over the last year.

Traffic to map websites, via Hitwise

Hitwise Gives Mahalo Search Share Update

Everyone knows that, when a graph’s vertical axis goes to 100, whatever is plotted on it will look very different than if that axis went to 1,000.  So here’s Mahalo’s good news/bad news situation: a certain diagram makes its growth look astounding, yet it’s still leagues behind Google, Yahoo, and even Ask.

Traffic To Divorce Sites Up After Christmas

Does your wife nag?  Your husband snore?  If you’re noticing lots of small, irritating qualities (or big nasty ones) in a significant other, you’re not alone; the latest research from Hitwise found that traffic to divorce websites has nearly tripled since Christmas.Traffic To Divorce Sites Up After Christmas

Hitwise Comments On Weather Channel Sale

When word spread that The Weather Channel and Weather.com might sell for $5 billion, we duly reported the news.  We did not, however, laugh at the number – never mind how many automobiles, houses, or whatever else $5 billion would buy – and now there’s additional data about how it may make sense.

UK’s Travel-Related Searches On The Rise

At the moment, it’s supposedly rainy and about 48 degrees Fahrenheit in London.  That doesn’t sound too bad, really, but it could be better, and so people in the UK are performing more travel-related searches.UK's Travel-Related Searches On The Rise

Traffic To Diet Sites Up 32%

With the New Year here many Americans are going online for help with the New Year’s resolution of losing weight.

UK Shoppers Get Busy On Boxing Day

The U.S. doesn’t even celebrate Boxing Day, but in the U.K., it’s quite a big deal; December 26th is often treated as a sort of second Christmas in terms of food-eating and gift-giving.  There are also huge sales, and Robin Goad reports that, as a result, Boxing Day was the U.K.’s busiest online shopping day in all of 2007.

Traffic To Wine Sites Up 35% In 2007

Internet traffic to Web sites that sell wine has increased 35 percent in 2007 compared to 2006 according to Winezap.com.


 That increase is more than twice as much as retail e-commerce traffic over all, which is up 15 percent over 2006 according to Hitwise.

Google Sending More Than Its Share Of Search Traffic

Some people want everyone to like them, and this, to be honest, can be a bit pathetic.  But businesses may need everyone (or at least a whole lot of folks) to like them, and so Rand Fishkin has addressed the issue of why Yahoo and MSN/Live don’t always send much traffic.

Google Checkout Passes PayPal In UK
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eBay’s not likely to turn its back on PayPal; the auction company does, after all, own the payment business.  But that hasn’t kept others corporations from exploring their options, and in the UK, Google Checkout has become more popular than PayPal.

Diversity In Search? Puh-lease.

Though more and more people are using search engines all the time, that doesn’t necessarily translate into more diversity in search terms. In fact, according to Hitwise, the top 5% of all search volume consists of just 9 terms.

That’s down from 49 terms in 2005, reports Hitwise UK Research Director Robin Goad, though he doesn’t elaborate on exactly which terms those are. 

Online Advertising Might Benefit From Better Data

Suppose you’re promised one reward, and then often given two. Or promised two rewards, and sometimes given one. Studies have found that both humans and monkeys prefer the first scenario, but in the world of online advertising, execs expect to know exactly what’s going on.

Ugg, Wii Obsess Holiday Searchers
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The scarce Nintendo Wii ranked as the most searched-for item during the holidays, while Ugg boots drew the most luxury item queries.

Compete Puts Overall Searches, Google Higher

According to new numbers from Compete, the search engines were busier than ever in November – Americans made a record 8.1 billion queries.  Also – you guessed it – Google’s market share went up.

Hitwise Looks At An Asia Pacific Holiday Season
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It’s nearly Christmas, and that means it’s time for sales of boots and heavy hats to increase.  Unless, that is, you’re in the Asia Pacific, where new Hitwise data uncovered an interest in Crocs and Oakley sunglasses.

Google, Search Drives Health, Travel Traffic
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Websites in the health & medical and the travel categories received substantial traffic driven to them from search engines in November 2007.

November Search Share, A Poem

Google picked up more than 65 percent of the US search market in November 2007, while Yahoo, Microsoft, and Ask all ceded a few tenths of a percent each in share.

UK Searches Show Love Of Christmas Markets

Know what a Christmas market is?  If you’re American, you might well not – Wikipedia lists only six of them for our country, while there are closer to 30 entries for Europe.  Still, that’s all the more reason to show interest in a new Hitwise report on the subject.