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Hitwise Puts Google Docs In Decent Position

Google Docs is growing stronger – so much so that I at first thought Hitwise’s assessment was another April Fool’s joke.  But visits to the Google Docs site have indeed more than doubled in the last year.

The McDonaldization Of The Internet

A new report from Hitwise highlights a trend that matches what’s going on in the brick-and-mortar world: The mainstreaming of everything. It also shows that Internet users value what they perceive as authority websites, and that perception is a collective one—or if you prefer, a brand on the collective psyche.

Post-Wikipedia Hotspots
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The act of visiting Wikipedia isn’t too shocking at this point.  We all do it.  But an interesting new Hitwise report looks at where the average American goes next.

Facebook – Dying Or Not?

Admit it: you thought Facebook was the coolest thing since sliced bread (okay, CD/DVD-RW drives). You were so proud of yourself for joining long before Facebook became the media darling they are today.

And now you’re cheering for its demise with the rest of them. But you’ll have to hold off on the death watch for a little while longer.

UK Traffic To Online Video Sites Soaring
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If the line representing online video’s growth were a hill, even a Hummer might have trouble navigating it.  According to new Hitwise stats, UK traffic to video sites increased 178 percent between the two most recent Februarys.

Visits To News Web Sites Up 23 Percent

The market share of U.S. visits to the News and Media category increased 22 percent for the week ending February 23, 2008, compared to the same week in 2007, according to Hitwise.

Singular or Plural Search Terms?

So leaving the ‘SEO bullshit’ bullshit behind, here’s a serious non-bullshit post that anyone working in the transactional space should definitely read:

Plural or Singular search terms?

Craigslist Making Gains In Classified Market Share
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Traffic to classified advertising site Craigslist has steadily increased over the past year. Hitwise has an interesting analysis about the sites growth.

U.S. visits to Craigslist were up 93 percent year over year last week and in the Hitwise Classifieds category Craiglist properties, grew 137 percent. The site ranked #23 last week based on share of U.S. Internet visits, up two spots from a month ago and six spots from three months ago.

Hitwise Shows Social Graphs To Marketers
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New Hitwise data illustrates what we all already knew: people are liable to use more than one social network.  The accompanying report gets into some of the interactions between networks, though, and how marketers may react.

Businesses Far From Ready For Mother’s Day

A reassuring note to our American readers: Mother’s Day isn’t until May 11th.  You didn’t miss it.  A note to our audience in the UK: you guys have got until March 2nd.  Better start moving.  And everyone, everywhere, should start thinking about Mother’s Day SEO.

Oprah’s Site Benefits From Free Book

Some new Hitwise statistics have led to two takeaways.  First, people follow Oprah.  Second, people like free stuff.  Simple enough, eh?

Yahoo Attracts Younger Users, Google Has Bigger Spenders
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Research firm Hitwise has put together an analysis that looks at the demographics that Yahoo Search attracts compared to the audience that Google draws for search by age group.

According to Heather Hopkins of Hitwise Yahoo Search attracts a younger audience than Google. In the 18-24 year old category Yahoo received 19.33 percent of visits compared to the same demographic for Google, which received 17.91 percent.

Traffic Due To Super Bowl Ads Analyzed

An analysis of site traffic following the Super Bowl has been released, and a number of companies’ ads earned them huge increases in visitors.  But others experienced more minor fluctuations, and a handful even seemed to get ignored.

Google Properties By Page Views
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Last week Hitwise did an analysis of the percentage of visits to each of Google’s properties. This week it is taking a look at Google properties by page views.

Google.com still ranks first when looking at page views with 55.92 percent of the market share compared to 70.10 percent of visits to the property. YouTube followed with 16.61 percent of page views compared to 10.9 percent share of visits from the previous analysis.

A Look at Visitor Stats for Microsoft and Yahoo

Hitwise has a look at the visitor statistics for Yahoo and Microsoft’s websites, showing just how much market share in the United States the combined company would have.

Total market share for all Yahoo is 13.2% of all of U.S. internet traffic, with MSN having just 2.4% and Google 7.7% Combined, they would have 15.6%, over twice as much as Google.

Mistakes in Web Analytics

There’s a lot of talk in the measurement community about best practices–accepted methods to measure and optimize a website.

Google’s Growing Properties

Out of all the top Google properties search still commands the most traffic accounting for 70.10 percent of visits according to a Hitwise analysis for the week ending January 26 2008.

UK Newspaper Sites Receive Extra Traffic

Print may or may not be dying; we’ll save that debate for another day.  What we’re sure of, though, is that online versions of newspapers are doing well, with UK visits to such sites rising significantly last week.

Hitwise: LinkedIn Pretty Classy Place
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If you want to contact someone about a job, it’s not a good idea to throw a sheep at him (or her) on Facebook.  A better alternative, according to new Hitwise data, is to contact the person through LinkedIn.

The Irony of Mahalo Traffic Growth

A couple of weeks ago, Heather Hopkins at Hitwise noted that the human-powered Mahalo search engine has been showing a very strong curve of increasing traffic:

Scientology Turns Into A Traffic Magnet
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We know you want to stay on topic; we know you don’t want to resort to tabloid-style tricks.  But we know you also want linkbait, and an excellent example of it has been identified in a new Hitwise post.