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Hitwise Proves The Value Of Yahoo’s Non-Search Parts

Suppose that Steve Ballmer and Jerry Yang miraculously agreed on something: the sale of Yahoo’s search department.  A new Hitwise report sorts through the pile of properties that would remain, and as it turns out, the leftovers look pretty tasty.

Hitwise Provides Hope For Retailers

It seems like the economy gets a little scarier with every passing week.  Still, new Hitwise data shows that customers are ready to shop, and it even points to an approach or three that retailers should adopt.

YouTube Helps Google Grab 80% Of Video Traffic
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News just gets better and better for Google in terms of audience reach. While a search ad deal with Yahoo gives the company potentially 90 percent of the search market (and probably some antitrust headaches), YouTube and Google Video combined attracted 79.16 percent of US online video traffic in May, according to Hitwise.

Google Doodles Lead To Increased Search Traffic

When Google doodles appear on major holidays, it sometimes takes a moment of thought to connect the picture and the occasion.  When Google doodles honor more random people and events, it appears that a lot of searches take place.

Google Users Inclined To Spend Cash Online

The government’s plan to stimulate spending by sending out checks may or may not have worked – new Hitwise data doesn’t help a lot there.  But other stats indicate that Google fans are a little more prone than Yahoo users to pump money into the online economy.

Traffic-Wise, Hulu Still Has Long Ways To Go
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Good shows, good picture quality, a price of "free" – it seems as if there’s little not to like about Hulu.  The video-sharing site has yet to truly catch on, however, as fresh traffic data puts it far, far below the industry’s leader.

UK Receives More Blog Traffic Than The U.S.

Over the last 3 years, UK internet traffic to blogs and personal websites has grown by 208%, according to new data from Hitwise.

The web intelligence company has just released new data on blog readership in the United Kingdom which shows 1.19% of all UK web traffic flowed to a blog. (Not a single blog–that would be a great site to own–but to blogs in general)

UK Interest In Blogs Stronger Than Ever
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It’s a great time to run a UK-oriented blog.  UK traffic levels to blogs and personal sites have taken a couple of deep dips over the past few years, but according to new Hitwise data, visits have now risen and reached a record high.

Google Health Could Answer Corporate Need
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Google’s pretty good about letting users pass on to other sites, and that is, after all, a search engine’s main function.  Most companies prefer it when people stick around, however, and Google Health may play an important part in keeping them close to Mountain View properties.

UK’s Yokels Into Social Networks, Online Shopping
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Look for the CEOs of online retailers and social networks to start acting kindly towards the UK’s rustic types; new Hitwise data indicates that people living in rural areas tend to out-participate city folk in these two categories.

Google Reader Advancing On Bloglines

No changes in ranking seem imminent – Google Reader was actually closer to catching Bloglines ten months ago than it is now.  Still, new Hitwise data confirms that these are the top two RSS readers, and in a 12-month comparison, Google’s service is gaining ground.

Report: Blinkx Achieves 1,000 Percent YOY Growth
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Blinkx might not be up for sale; an official source denied acquisition rumors that started last week.  But corporate statements don’t necessarily mean much, and new Hitwise stats portray Blinkx as a tempting target.

Is Google Driving Down the Value of Domain Names?

Robin Cannon in Search Engine Journal asks the somewhat puzzling question, ‘Is Google Trumping The URL?‘ Apparently more and more people use Google to find websites than type in the URL in the address bar of their browser. As he says:

Hitwise Stats Paint Twitter As Tiny But Strong

Anecdotal evidence and personal experience are all well and good, especially where popularity contests are concerned.  Hard data works, too, though, and Hitwise’s Heather Hopkins has weighed in with stats on how Twitter is doing.

Hitwise Reexamines AdWords UK Change

As UK businesses brace for Google’s policy change on trademark bidding, there’s a growing amount of evidence that they’ll be hit hard.  Today, Hitwise’s Robin Goad provided several solid examples.

Home Searches Drop, As Do Prices For Houses
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The persistence of housing woes may be seen in the activities of searchers, who perform fewer and fewer queries about home buying.

Search Engines Increasingly Important To Video Sites
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Video sites should thank comedy shows, car magazines, and news anchors for traffic – they’ve been plugged by all of them.  Search engines and social networks also belong on that list, though, and new Hitwise data shows that they’re about even in terms of significance.

Hitwise Looks At The Effects Of Google’s Blacklist
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Ever get annoyed when a cold or the flu knocks you out of commission for a couple of days?  Hitwise examined a site blacklisted by Google, and found that it’s still floundering 11 weeks after the fact.

Google Book Search Gets Traffic Boost
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Some of the features Google introduces do little more than collect dust, while others become extremely popular.  The Books Viewability API appears to be part of this second set, as traffic to the UK version of Google Book Search has increased by a dramatic amount since its introduction.

YouTube, Google Video Grab 77% of Vid Market
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Google may dominate around two-thirds of the search market, but the company’s grip around the online video market is tighter. Hitwise reports that YouTube and Google video combined grab over 77 percent of US video visits.

In March, YouTube snagged 73.18 percent of US visits, a 32 percent increase over March 2007. Despite decreasing by 52 percent, Google Video maintained third place at 4.06 percent, compared to 8.42 percent last year.

The Web Becomes Apathetic To Politics
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It would seem that people have either made up their minds, postponed a decision, or plain don’t care.  Regardless, statistics indicate that online interest (as represented by searches and traffic) in the presidential election is waning.