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Twitter Traffic Increased 947% In 2008 (UK)

Many companies still see Twitter is a waste of time.

However the general public does not – they are flocking to use the site.  Traffic to  Twitter has increased ten-fold (947%) from January 2008 to mid-January 2009, making it one of the fastest-growing websites of the year, according to Hitwise UK.

Hitwise: Interest In E-Books, E-Book Readers On The Rise
· 7

The market for e-books and e-book readers seems to be growing bigger and bigger.  It’s not at all time to declare the death of the paperback, but new UK data from Hitwise shows that searches for certain e-book-related terms are becoming much more common.

Where’s the Music Search Traffic Going?

What is your most frequently visited destination when it comes to music searches? There’s a good chance it’s Wikipedia. Heather Dougherty of Hitwise put together some interesting data involving the top music destinations online. Based on her research, the largest percentage of traffic (at 24%) went there.

UK Search Trends Reflect Economic Fears
· 1

Even if news programs offer almost nothing other than economic information these days, it seems that a lot of people are still seeking out more of the stuff on their own.  Fresh search data from the UK reveals that people are studying some rather depressing terms.

Adult Sites Fall To Social Networks In The UK

Visits to social networks in the UK continue to surpass visits to adult Web sites, according to data from Hitwise.

The trend in the UK started last October when for the first time social networks became more popular than adult sites.

Hitwise says that adult sites are not surprisingly more popular with men but more than half (55%) of visitors to social networks and forums are women.

Twitter Surpasses Digg in Traffic
· 11

Hitwise has shared some data showing that Twitter has surpassed Digg in terms of market share of visits for the first time since its launch. They’re not exactly the same kind of service, but it is still an interesting comparison between two popular social sites.

Twitter Digg WMS.png

Twitter Passes Digg In Page Traffic
Check out the latest blog post over at the Hitwise blog which details Twitter catching up to Digg in terms of total visits.

Traffic Stats Foretold Circuit City Bankruptcy
· 13

Let’s acknowledge right now that there is a certain chestnut concerning hindsight and 20/20 vision.  That said, an analysis of traffic data is starting to make it look like Circuit City’s bankruptcy was, if not inevitable, at least not a completely random event.

Google On Pace To Take 75% Of Search Market
· 11

How long do you think it will take Google to corner a full three-fourths of the search market? According to the latest Hitwise report, not long. Does April or May sound too conservative?
Google On Pace To Take 75% Of Search Market

Facebook Adds 50 Million Users In Under Five Months

Well, that didn’t take long.  On August 26th, Mark Zuckerberg made a post on the Facebook Blog noting that his social network had attracted 100 million users.  Now the CEO’s back, saying that Facebook has hit the 150 million-user mark.

Fitness More Interesting Than Diets To Searchers
· 4

Are people waking up to the idea that exercise is the best way to lose weight? Maybe. Traditionally, Internet searches for burning off those holiday pounds spike the first week of the year. But this year, according to Hitwise, there’s been an increase in gym interest and a decline in search queries involving the keyword “diet.”

Social Media Sites Hitting Milestones Left And Right
· 11

This Christmas was a merry one indeed for many social media sites.  Fresh stats from Hitwise show that Facebook and YouTube accomplished some impressive things, while social networks as a group attracted an unprecedented amount of traffic in the UK.

Hitwise Weighs In With Holiday 2008 Data
· 1

While the news may not be enough to cause encore performances of "Joy to the World," a new report from Hitwise on Christmas and Boxing Day search and traffic stats isn’t all bad.  Interpreted in a certain way, it even provides signs that the UK’s economy is doing all right.

Holiday Shoppers Searching For Free Shipping Deals
· 4

While online holiday shopping remains popular one of the key promotions retailers use to grab customers attention is free shipping.

Hitwise has an interesting analysis of consumer searches for the term "free shipping" during this holiday season.

Gamers Sticking With XP, Searching For Wii
· 5

Go to a retailer like Target early some morning, and you’ll likely find a group of non-employees waiting to be let in.  When the doors open, a race to the electronics department ensues, and the cashiers get busy.  So since gamers are so willing to spend money, two new reports take a look at where their interests lie.

Report: High Point Passed For Some Holiday eCommerce Traffic

Here’s hoping eCommerce sites are satisfied with the number of shoppers they’ve received so far this season; a new Hitwise report makes it look like things have already crested in at least one respect.  Yet there may be ways for retailers to succeed, and consumers are certainly in a good position.

Top Searches for In-Demand Gifts
· 3

Hitwise has released some data taking a look at search queries of holiday shoppers looking to locate hard-to-find gifts online. You know, those toys that are in demand. Every holiday season has (at leas) one. Once upon a time it was the "Tickle-Me Elmo". Last year it was the Nintnedo Wii. This year it’s…well, still the Nintendo Wii, among some others.

SEOs Should Adjust To Recessionary Times
· 5

Personal experience speaking: The top three questions a Target employee is likely to hear relate to the location of the restrooms, the location of the seasonal section (Christmas, Halloween, etc.), and – at least in Kentucky – whether or not the store sells cigarettes.  But new Hitwise data indicates that inquiries about layaway may become more popular.

Online Retailers Cash In On Cyber Monday

While the economy boded poorly for brick-and-mortar stores over the holiday weekend leading up to Cyber Monday, Hitwise says business was pretty much booming for online-only retailers.

Report: Roughly One-Tenth Of Brand Searches “Hijacked”
· 3

Companies put all sorts of time and effort into getting people to search for certain terms.  This happens with the expectation that people will then visit corporate sites, but a fresh Hitwise report relays the somewhat threatening news that about 13 percent of searchers wind up somewhere else.

New Report Documents Insanely Long Tail Of Search
· 21

When something seemingly insignificant is able to control a more powerful entity, talk of the tail wagging the dog occasionally comes into play.  But according to a new report from Hitwise, the long tail of search is capable of something more akin to launching the dog into orbit.

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