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Hitwise Puts Google Maps In Front Of MapQuest
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It took a couple of months, but most of the important traffic-tracking companies are now in agreement: Google Maps is more popular than MapQuest.  Hitwise is the latest source to confirm this standing.

Fresh Hitwise info puts Google Maps in the lead starting earlier this month.  As of Saturday the 11th, its win still wasn’t overwhelming (compare market shares of 39.38 and 39.14 percent), but the lines representing the two services seem to have been on pretty fixed paths as of late.

Hitwise Stats Put Google On Top Yet Again
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Please understand that we’re not advocating actual violence.  At the same time, Hitwise has released a new report on the search market, and it’s starting to look like the only way Yahoo, Microsoft, and Ask can hope to catch Google is through the detonation of some explosives.

UK Online Shoppers Want Sales

UK retailers are benefiting online from the beginning of spring sales. Accroding to research from Hitwise, UK Internet visits to sites in the shopping and classifieds category increased by only 0.9%, while the "traditional" category, which features UK High Street department store sites like John Lewis, Debenhams, Littlewoods, etc. saw an increase of as much as 21%.

Many of these sites saw their first big increase since the Holiday Season. This is illustrated in the following graph:

Hitwise Documents Huge Rise In Classifieds Traffic
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Don’t be surprised if the people behind Craigslist and other classifieds sites are secretly hoping for a repeat of the Great Depression.  New stats from Hitwise have arrived, and they show that Craigslist’s already-significant market share is increasing in such a way that it almost resembles a hockey stick.

Google News Still Driving the Traffic in UK

Hitwise recently reported that Twitter had overtaken major newspaper sites and even Google News in the UK in terms of traffic. Now they’re looking at upstream traffic from Google News and Twitter to news and media sites, and Google News is way ahead in that regard.

Craigslist Replaces MySpace As Top Search Term

When the going gets tough, it’s possible that the tough go to Craigslist.  A fresh report from Hitwise indicates that searchers have become extremely interested in the site, actually putting it ahead of MySpace and establishing it as the top U.S. search term for the middle of March.

Twitter Bigger Than Newspapers in the UK
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Data from Hitwise shows that Twitter is getting more traffic than most newspaper sites in the UK. Twitter is the 54th most visited site there.

Twitter has overtaken sites like the Guardian, Times, Sun, Telegraph, and even Google News UK. Daily Mail is the only main newspaper home page that received more traffic than Twitter in the UK.

Facebook’s Extended Growth Spurt Still Going On
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The phrase "growing like a weed" really only applies to Facebook if you say it with the plant from "Little Shop of Horrors" in mind.  New Hitwise stats once again prove that the social network is attracting users at an incredible rate.

Report: Gmail Now Bigger Than YouTube
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Social sites may be surpassing email in usage, but some fairly surprising data from Hitwise shows that visits to Gmail have surpassed visits to YouTube. The news comes at a time when Gmail can use some good news as complaints about downtime have recently mounted.

Top Three Search Engines Tread Water In February
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Don’t look for any fireworks displays over Mountain View tonight.  Hitwise’s latest report on the search market is in, and between January and February, Google’s share grew by just 0.02 percent.  Yahoo and Microsoft made similarly yawn-worthy movements on a month-to-month basis.

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Report: Mail Acts As Yahoo’s Main Attraction
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Even if Yahoo has fallen far behind Google in the search game, let’s admit that the runner-up tries; updates and fresh features launch on a monthly (or weekly) basis.  But new stats show that Yahoo Mail continues to be the company’s real bread and butter in terms of traffic.

Hitwise Names UK’s Most Searched-For Brands

This article’s going to lead off with two admissions: yes, 2008 ended a while ago, and sure, the majority of WebProNews readers don’t live in the UK.  A list from Hitwise names the 10 most searched-for brands from that year and in that region, though, and since it’s quite new and rather interesting, we’re delving into it. 

Hitwise Records Drop In Retail Traffic
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It would be less than shocking if a certain Pink Floyd song has become stuck in the minds of online retailers recently; "Is There Anybody Out There?" seems like a semi-appropriate question as a new Hitwise report explains that fewer people are swinging by their sites.

Does Recession Equal Less Whoopie?
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Despite Hitwise’s Heather Hopkin’s proximity to prolific pregnancy, searches for “pregnancy” are down 37 percent over last year, and searches for “maternity clothes” are down 74 percent.

Baby names, too—searches for those are down 40 percent.

Searches Show Brits Afraid Of Cats
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If a country were ever to attempt to invade Britain again, they should consider saving their firepower and invest in cats and clowns with excellent vocabularies. According to Hitwise, after a fear of flying, folks in the UK search about these fears more often than any others.

Celebrity Special: Search Highlights And Oscar Clips
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Considering what’s going on in the world – financial collapses, mine disasters, North Korean missile announcements – celebrity-related matters may be of less importance than ever.  But they’re certainly holding people’s interest – perhaps we can all use the distraction – and Hitwise and YouTube recently acknowledged the issue.

Employment Sites Experiencing Rapid Growth
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As the weeks and months go by, a consensus seems to be building that the recession we’re experiencing is of the storm-of-the-century variety.  But considering what new Hitwise data shows, it’s almost hard not to believe that the people behind employment websites wouldn’t be happier if this sort of thing became the norm.

The Secret to Getting More Diggs?
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Every content site wants its stories to reach the front page of Digg. And why wouldn’t they? It can be a tremendous source of traffic. How do you do this though?

You encourage your users to Digg your content.

Google Maps Comes Close To Catching MapQuest
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While Google remains dominant in search there is one area it has not been able to take the top spot.

Hitwise has an interesting analysis about how Google Maps was close to catching MapQuest in share of U.S. Internet visits a few weeks ago.

Twitter Hot in UK, Overshadowed by Plurk in Singapore
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Twitter has entered the top 100 most visited websites in the UK according to Hitwise. It came in at number 91 beating out Expedia UK, Gumtree, easyJet, Digital Spy, and Money Supermarket, which Hitwise research director Robin Goad refers to as "online heavyweights."

Twitter traffic has multiplied by 27 over the last year, and this is only the main site. It doesn’t take into account access via third party applications or mobile phones.

Hitwise Sums Up Facebook At Five
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Today marks Independence Day in Sri Lanka, Across the Universe Day for NASA buffs, and, as you’ve surely heard by now, Facebook’s fifth birthday.  To celebrate, Hitwise took a look at the social network’s state of being and some of its more recent achievements.