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Twitter Tops MySpace In UK, Spurs Data Center Expansion
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Although the maximum length of tweets remains locked at 140 characters, Twitter itself is turning into something of a giant.  This morning, there’s news that the site managed to beat MySpace in terms of UK Internet visits, and it also seems to have caused a data center specialist to find new facilities.

Let’s hit the MySpace-related development first.  In truth, Twitter’s accomplishment here isn’t as impressive as it might sound; Twitter’s conquest is probably due more to MySpace’s fall than its own rise.

Bing News Search Holds 2% UK Market Share
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Hitwise is sharing some data on the performance of Bing News Search, one aspect of Bing that hasn’t had a lot of attention paid to it since Microsoft launched its new search engine. According to Hitwise, Bing News Search has about 2% of the market share in the news aggregators category, at least in the UK.

Bing Shopping Shows Impressive Growth Since Launch
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Hitwise is sharing some information about how well Bing Shopping is doing. They have compared its performance from the week ending June 6th, just after its launch to its performance for the week ending August 8.

Gap Widens Between Transactional and Content Site Visits

Interesting data from Hitwise indicates that content-driven websites get a whole lot more traffic than transactional-based ones. To put a number on it, that would be 73% more.

Robin Goad of Hitwise shares the following graph comparing sites in the Shopping and Classifieds, Business and Finance, Travel, Entertainment, Computes and Internet -Social networking and Forums, News and Media, and Lifestyle categories. This is in the UK, mind you.

FriendFeed Gets a Lot of Traffic from Twitter
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There is a lot of discussion going on about Facebook, FriendFeed, Twitter, and real-time search. This is to be expected since yesterday it was announced that Facebook is acquiring FriendFeed.

Hitwise Finds Bing, Yahoo To Be A Good Match
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If the latest reports and rumors are true, Microsoft and Yahoo are (once again) about to enter a partnership.  So this afternoon, Hitwise’s Bill Tancer looked at whether they’ll make more of a natural fit or an odd couple.

Google Captures Nearly Three-Quarters Of Searches
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Microsoft’s Bing accounted for 5.25 percent of all U.S. searches for the month of June, according to the latest data from Hitwise.

Google continued to hold on to its dominant position growing 7 percent year-over- year capturing 74.04 percent of the U.S. search market for the month.

Yahoo landed in the second position with 16.19 percent of the search market, but saw its growth drop 17 percent year-over-year, while Ask received 3.15 percent of searches with its growth slipping 22 percent year-over-year.

The Top MJ Song, Album & Lyric Searches
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If you’re tired of hearing about Michael Jackson already, I’m sorry, but he’s still dominating the news and the web. He’s still responsible for two of the trending topics on Twitter at this time (Michael Jackson and MJ).

You’ve probably read about the effect Michael’s death has had on the web. It also had a huge impact on people downloading and buying his music. It had a big impact on searches as well. Hitwise has released some data about the top Michael Jackson songs, albums and lyrics that were searched for after his death.

The Power Of Twitter

Two recent reports illustrate the power of Twitter in two important metrics—driving visits and purchasing power. Hitwise analyzes overall downstream traffic for Twitter, while NPD Group takes a look at downstream purchases generated by Twitter.

Hitwise: Most Twitter Users Move On To Media Sites
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Business-related Twitter success stories exist – there’s the tale of Dell bringing in about $3 million in sales, for example.  But it seems that such stories may remain rare, as new Hitwise data suggests that Twitter users are much more interested in free online media than in spending money.

Facebook Username Grab Generated Record Traffic Levels
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A lot of Facebook executives and employees are probably wearing big, satisfied smiles this morning.  As statistics continue to trickle in, it looks like the vanity URL offering that the company held over the weekend was a huge success.

More Bing Numbers Than You Can Shake a Stick At
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Microsoft has not been in the spotlight this much for its offerings in search for quite some time. Whether or not you think Bing is a legitimate contender in the battle for search market share, you can rest assured that all eyes are upon it.

A number of research agencies have revealed new stats reflecting the interest level in Bing. So here is something of a round up of this data.

The Hitwise Numbers

Bing Loses Ground After Fast Rise

Sorry, Bing fans, but Microsoft’s new search engine seems to have stumbled before it even cleared the figurative gates.  Fresh statistics from two different sources indicate that visits to Bing are already dropping.

Search Trends Spell Bad News For GM

Search trends tend to indicate what people are interested in; we all know about the swine flu spikes from a few weeks ago, for example.  Unfortunately for General Motors, search trends now show that consumers may be even more averse to buying its vehicles than to catching the bug.

“Classifieds” Searches Gaining Over “Auctions”
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eBay supporters may not love the latest graph released by Hitwise.  Data collected over the course of almost three years indicates that searches for the word "auctions" are losing out in terms of quantity when compared to searches for "classifieds."

Google Dominates Canadian Search Market

Google grabbed 80.17 percent of all Canadian searches for the month of April, according to Hitwise.

MSN ranked second with 8.84 percent of the search market followed by Yahoo with 7.34 percent. Ask received 2.75 percent of searches, while the remaining 41 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis Tool accounted for 1 percent of Canadian searches.

What’s Going on With CircuitCity.com?
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Update 2: CircuitCity.com is back up and running.

Update: According to the Huffington Post, "Circuit City Stores Inc. hopes to sell its brand, trademarks and e-commerce business to Systemax Inc., the same company that purchased electronics retailer CompUSA’s intellectual property when it closed in 2008."

Google Search Share Up 7%
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Google captured 72.74 percent of all U.S. searches in April, representing a 7 percent increase in market share year-over-year, according to Hitwise.

Yahoo took the two spot with 16.27 percent of all searches for the month, while its year-over-year growth rate declined 20 percent.

MSN Search was third with 5.68 percent of all searches conducted and a 9 percent decrease year-over-year.

Ask had 3.95 percent of the search market in April for a year-over-year drop of 5 percent.

Swine Flu Fears Overrun Web

Don’t be surprised if, at the next Web 2.0-type conference, the attendees all wear surgical masks and tote gallon jugs of hand sanitizer.  New stats from both Nielsen and Hitwise indicate that fear of the swine flu has hit the online world in a big way.

Paid Search Down, Social Media Up in the UK
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Research from Hitwise indicates that online retailers in the UK are seeing less traffic from paid search efforts and more from social networks. Paid search traffic has fallen over the last year – the percentage of all UK Internet visits to online retailers dropped from 10.1% in March ’08 to 8.9% in March ’09 according to Hitwise’s Robin Goad.

Hitwise Names Top Hulu Search Terms
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YouTube, which of course receives far more traffic than Hulu, is doing just about everything in its power to ensure things stay that way.  Unfortunately for YouTube, stats from Hitwise seem to indicate that its new partnerships with CBS, Lionsgate, MGM, and Starz may not provide a lot of help.