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New York City: Christopher Walken Isn’t Walkin’

An epic selfie revealed a memorable experience for two New York residents on November 19. When “Sergio P.” and “Ash K.” noticed that Academy-Award winning actor Christopher Walken was unable to flag a taxi cab on Columbus Avenue, they offered their assistance. “Yo man, that was the king of New York!” Ash said, referring to Walken’s 1990 crime drama. The …

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Kindness Hitchhiker Admits to Shooting Himself

The “kindness hitchhiker”, also known as the guy who was shot by a complete stranger during his hitchhiking tour across Montana, has admitted to police that he put a hot chunk of lead in himself as a method of self-promotion. According to the Associated Press, Ray Dolin, 39, confessed everything to authorities while recovering from the self-inflicted gunshot wound at …

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