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LAPD Officer Killed In Horrific Hit-And-Run

A Los Angeles police officer was killed on Saturday following a violent hit-and-run accident. LAPD Officer Roberto Sanchez died of injuries sustained when the patrol car he was driving was blindsided by an SUV. The surviving officer, whose name was not released by authorites, was forced to make a call for emergency assistance from a personal phone. The squad car …

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Man-On-Car Murder Sentencing Postponed

A California woman who drove two miles while drunk through the Los Angeles suburb of Torrance with a dying man on her windshield has had her sentencing for murder charges postponed. Substance-abuse counselor Sherry Lynn Wilkins, 52, was found guilty by a jury of second-degree murder, drunken driving and hit-and-run for the accident that killed 31-year-old Phillip Moreno in Torrance …

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‘Amish Mafia’ Star John Schmucker Sentenced

Amish Mafia star John Schmucker was sentenced to 3 months in jail and has to pay a $1000 fine because of his tenth offense of driving with a suspended license. It was less than a year ago when the young man appeared before a judge for a hit and run incident, as seen in the video above. It certainly sounds …

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Hit and Run Driver Was Downloading App When He Struck a Pedestrian

Texting while driving is a well known danger. Communities across American have introduced laws that prevent people from doing so. But, with the increasing popularity of apps for smartphones, they may want to consider amending laws to include other cell phone activity as well. Police in Plaistow, New Hampshire are reporting that a man responsible for a hit and run …

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Obiwan Kenobi Arrested For Felony Hit And Run

If you’re going to legally change your name to that of a fictional Star Wars character for a radio station contest, you should probably make your fifteen minutes of fame really, really boss. Like, saving a child from a burning building boss. Apparently Benjamin Kale Feit thinks differently, as he’s using his time in the spotlight to wreak havoc on …

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