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Behind Become.com’s Second Round Of Funding

I’m sure most of you have heard Become has secured their second round of VC funding worth $7.2 million.

10 Tips for Hiring Help for Small Business Owners

As a successful small business owner,you’re accustomed to long hours; non-existent holidays and weekends spent working.

Staying Power of the Friendster Post

I’ve noticed a recent spike in hits to my famous Fired for Blogging post, in which I broke the story of Friendster’s stupidest move and tracked the growing coverage for a few days.

Hiring Your First Business Personal Assistant
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Hiring the first personal business assistant is an exciting time for new business owners. It means that the business is doing well enough that the business owner can no longer keep up effectively with the demands of the new business. Sales are exploding, and time becomes of the utmost importance.

Yahoo Travel is Hiring!

If you’ve ever wanted to work for one of the largest and most popular on-line travel sites, now’s your chance. Yahoo Travel is hiring in a number of areas, including:

Google Hiring an Ad Agency?

A few months back we reported on rumors that Google might be looking for an ad agency. According to the New York Post, those rumors are gaining ground.

6 Common Mistakes in the Sales Hiring Process

Is lack of sales results, more sales training costs, months of unearned salary and damage to your company’s image or reputation your company’s method of NOT finding good salespeople? For most companies it is!

Hiring the Best Job Candidates

If you’re hiring a new employee, find out whether he/she will like your management style by probing attitudes toward former supervisors.

The Five Essential Hiring Practices
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Recruiting and hiring are often done in haste, leaving the company to repent in the long run. Today, there’s a reason to be concerned about negligent hiring. Negligent hiring means you and your company can be sued if one of your hires injures other employees, especially if you could have foreseen a problem but did not do a thorough check of the new employee before hiring.

The 10 Critical Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Consultant

Talk to as many consultants as you can before hiring one. Even if you have one person or firm in mind, interview at least a few others as a sort of due diligence. You’ll probably find that each interview helps you focus on the issues you’re hiring a consult to help resolve.

Hiring and Retaining Good Employees

Hiring good employees is not only important to business, it’s essential. Employees are the heart and soul of a business; they are the mechanism that makes a business run; they are the breath of life that enables a business to be something more than an idea. A business cannot run unless someone (employees, in this case) is doing the work. Any intelligent business owner should want good employees.

Hiring a Search Engine Marketer

Many website owners put the cart before the horse- anxious for search engine traffic and rankings, the first thing they do once their site is complete is buy a “submit to 1,000 search engines for $29″ service. Unfortunately, what they receive is a tenfold increase in e-mail spam but no increase in search engine traffic.

Elvis: First Known Gmail User

Google announced a new free email service at the end of their West Coast day yesterday, ensuring a media blitz on the holiest of hoaxter holidays – April Fools Day. Is this upcoming service the real deal?

Hiring a Professional SEO Firm

If you don’t have the time to learn to use optimizing software and research all the potential companies for link trades, or maybe you’d just rather focus on your core business and pay someone else to market and optimize your site.

Ten Considerations When Hiring a Search Engine Optimization Company

If you’re in the market to hire a search engine optimization company, you probably feel bombarded with promises of #1 rankings and instant success. But how do you know which claims are important and which to believe, and which are classic snake oil pitches?

Sticky Hiring

Web site designers talk about the “stickiness” of their sites. By stickiness, they mean the elements that will get people to stay and interact with the site once they land there.

11 Things You MUST Know Before Hiring a Copywriter!

If you’re considering hiring copywriting help for your next brochure, Web site, or marketing project. Congratulations! You should get great results if you hire a pro to do it right.

What Hiring Managers Really Look For In Resumes And Cover Letters

“There has also been a lot of spin about how long or short a resume should be. From my perspective as a recruiter, a resume should be as long as necessary. For example, a candidate with five years’ experience should not require a 3-page resume. Or, a candidate with 18 years’ experience should not be reduced to a 1-page resume. Length of resume depends entirely on each individual situation. There is no formula or rule etched in stone. If a recruiter is working with a Ph.D. candidate, then a resume may be 3, 4 or 5 pages, or even longer. So be it. If it’s relevant, promote it. If you’re pontificating, don’t.”
-Tim Dermady, President, ExecutiveFit Recruitment

Resume Optimization: Think Like A Hiring Manager

I have a couple questions for you. I have never had a problem getting a job I have applied for IF I get an interview! I interview very well and (without sounding like I have an ego problem), I am also a very hard worker with the skills, competency and drive to do my job. The problem I always have is getting the interview! I usually have to send out so many resume’s before I even get one single one!

7 Tips for Finding and Hiring a Good Copywriter

A search on Google for “copywriter” will turn up no less than 174,000 names. Writers who call themselves copywriters may be plentiful, but real copywriters who are good are hard to find.

Ernest Hemingway and George Bernard Shaw tried it and decided they couldn’t do it. John Marquand and Stephen Vincent Benet gave up almost as quickly as they started. Aldous Huxley said it was “easier to write a passable sonnet than a passable advertisement.” And the lore of the advertising business is filled with tales of other successful novelists, journalists, playwrights and poets who have tried their hand at advertising copy and failed.

Hiring a Professional Designer

The reasons for hiring a professional designer are the same reasons as hiring any other professional.