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Ronald McDonald Officially A Hipster

Ronald McDonald is changing his style. He got rid of the goofy ass yellow jumpsuit and got a tailored, well-fitting “whimsical new red blazer” blessed with embroideries, paired with some skinny, cheese colored hipster pants that ride up the crotch seam; swag. Through his company’s account, Mr. McDonald is increasing his presence through social media channels around the world. The …

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American Hipster Poll Finds Unfavorable Opinions

The word ‘hipster’ has taken on many meanings over the years, from jazz potheads to ironic 20-somethings, but whatever Americans currently believe it to mean, they are now turning on the subculture in a big way. A new poll has found that 42% of American voters have an “unfavorable” opinion of hipsters. The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP), …

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AOL Acquires Photo-Sharing App Hipster

AOL has just struck a deal with Hipster, a relatively new photo-sharing company, to acquire their local app. Hipster’s intimate five-person team will be working with the AOL mobile team out of Palo Alto. The year-old company raised considerable interest before launching their app–which allows users to create and upload photo postcards to share around the world–by recruiting engineers with …

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How to Recognize an SXSW Fan on Facebook

Swaylo, a facebook app that measures how much attention you get on what you post, has released a new infographic measuring the trends of the 200,000+ people who have liked SXSW on Facebook. If you like SXSW on Facebook, odds are you also like Johnny Cash, Radiohead, and The Doors. You are probably listening to NPR, drinking Dos Equis, eating …

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